Kale Chips That You Actually Want to Eat

Kale chips are a breeze to cook and crave-worthy when made right - with just 3 ingredients! Impress your guests (and yourself) with this crunchy, healthy meal add-on.

I’ll Have the Quesadilla, #yum

Simple, but sometimes still forgotten - the quesadilla. With just 5 ingredients, most of which you will already have home, you can hardly go wrong. Two flour tortillas 1/2 - 3/4 cups shredded cheese, I love a Mexican blend of cheeses for mine Your filling(s) of choice, boneless/skinless chicken breast for me Mrs. Dash's Southwest … Continue reading I’ll Have the Quesadilla, #yum

Summer Food for Thought: Deviled Eggs

Parties. Picnics. BBQs. Brunches. You name it, someone is having it this summer and you need to bring something. My favorite easy, delicious go-to is deviled eggs. If you've never tried them, I recommend doing so. If you have, and like them, but have never attempted to make them, I recommend trying it - it … Continue reading Summer Food for Thought: Deviled Eggs

English Muffin Pizzas: Homemade and Healthy(er)

These have been one of my favorites since I was a kid. They're incredibly easy to make, and because of how infrequently I had/have them, they seem like such a treat each time I do. I certainly can't take credit for these because I am sure this is no well-kept secret, but for those who … Continue reading English Muffin Pizzas: Homemade and Healthy(er)