Why You Can Have Avocado Toast and Bacon for Breakfast

Obviously bacon isn't the world's healthiest food, but it doesn't mean you can never enjoy one of your favorites. It just means you shouldn't put it on the side of a pound of pancakes or waffles. Pair it with something healthier for a balance you can feel good about.

A quick note on my first Wheatgrass Shot

Have you ever wondered what taking a wheatgrass shot might be like? I had no intention of writing anything about my first experience with Wheatgrass, but as I looked back through my Instagram I thought about how peculiar it was, and wanted to share.

Summer Porridge Overnight Oats Recipe

Looking for a new, easy grab-n-go breakfast option? Summer porridge is oatmeal's cooler counterpart, because who wants to eat hot oatmeal in 85 degree heat? No fear, this recipe is great even in the cold, it's more of a dynamic spin on plain old yogurt.

Classic French Toast on Texas Toast Recipe

I suggest anyone who enjoys French Toast to give this recipe a try, it's both easy and cost-effective (and boasted as the 'best French Toast I've ever had, and I've had a LOT' by Kevin himself).

Mint White Chocolate Coffee Recipe

Mint White Chocolate Coffee Recipe. Not a black coffee drinker? Me either. | @foodwinediy.com

My Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe

My morning beverage obsession for the few months has has been a slightly-altered version of the Starbucks Pink Drink. It tastes like a delicious strawberry smoothie but with caffeine and without all of the calories.

A Heartier Breakfast Prep: Breakfast Skillets

Why would we put most of our energy-rich consumption at the end of the day anyway? Add some more protein to your breakfast, your metabolism will thank you.

Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas

Love sneaking egg into your everyday diet but don't have time every morning to cook a 'nice' meal? Want to eat better without spending a fortune on your breakfast every [work]day? I struggle a lot with cleaner, simpler, reasonably cost-effective breakfast options. No one wants to eat the same thing everyday, but buying a different … Continue reading Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas