4 Ways to Easily Incorporate the Gym into your Work Week

I have the mentality and mindset that I want to go to the gym, and break a sweat, and work on my overall health, but the idea of doing that on top of everything else can be seriously intimidating. I've tried a few different gyms with a few different routines and just now about 4 years later I am confident in saying that I feel like I have cracked the gym/work/life balance code.


Spring Into Shape: This Month’s Workout Playlist

I realize I didn't make a March playlist but this concept was also a semi-experiment for me, because I had never tracked my music during my workouts before, but I have finally gotten tired of my previous playlist at the gym and decided it needed some variation. I do have a couple of songs on … Continue reading Spring Into Shape: This Month’s Workout Playlist

February’s Gym Playlist

I recently added a lot of new jams to my line up and have compiled a solid list that I have found really helpful at the gym. The list has a wide variety of genres and types of music. Some older, some current, some country, some electronic. Hopefully you find a few samples from my … Continue reading February’s Gym Playlist