Lip Moisturizer Review

Baby, it's getting cold outside. Time to up the skincare game to avoid dry, cracked lips. No lip service here. See what happened when I tried 4 different popular lip moisturizers.

Never Owned a Home? Want to? You’re in the Right Spot.

Our amazing Realtor, Rob Rosmis, has taken some time to answer a few common questions for the folks at foodwinediy who may be in the market to purchase their first home.

Southwestern Chili Seafood Sauce

I didn't want to burn Kevin's mouth with my overly spicy palette, but I also wasn't quite in the mood for something as tame as oregano or seasoned salt. Thus, a mix of both.

Classic French Toast on Texas Toast Recipe

I suggest anyone who enjoys French Toast to give this recipe a try, it's both easy and cost-effective (and boasted as the 'best French Toast I've ever had, and I've had a LOT' by Kevin himself).

Bickell’s First Bark Box: A Review

We're digging into Bickell's first Bark Box today on the blog - too many good treats and toys not to share! Plus, a referral code for a FREE month of @barkbox at the end of the post.

How To Not Act On LinkedIn: Know Your Platform

Cops are very particular and passionate about the law, just like doctors are about health, or firemen about practicing fire safety (see: Phoebe's boyfriend Vince). Someone like myself, who is very into social media and all of its purposes and benefits, is as you may have guessed, particular and passionate about how it is practiced as well. … Continue reading How To Not Act On LinkedIn: Know Your Platform

The Coolest Thing About July 4th

The coolest thing, hands down, about July 4th is that with this one simple banner everyone stops thinking about what baseball team they're a fan of, what school they went to, what company they work for, or even who has done them wrong. You're not thinking about the trivial things but rather that these three … Continue reading The Coolest Thing About July 4th