DIY Modern Bathroom Remodel in Under $1k

We'd never renovated anything big like this before, so this was huge. It was definitely possible to do within a reasonable budget, especially since we overhauled everything down to the toilet paper holder! For a first-time project we are pretty pleased with the results and are excited to share the journey with anyone hoping to beautify their bathroom space, too.

Jewelry Storage, ✔️

  While my dozens of tiny nails in the wall of my closet may have been a fine solution for my city studio, it isn't exactly  appealing in the newly purchased, nicely decorated condo. However, I still don't want to spend a bunch of precious closet or dresser top space on jewelry storage, so what … Continue reading Jewelry Storage, ✔️

My DIY Duvet Cover

Don't let the market's offerings kick you off of your homemaking high. Making my own duvet cover was not that big of a stretch, and the hacks I learned along the way can help you make your perfect piece, too.

Goodbye Chicago, Hello Evanston: Packing Tips

At this point I am basically a professional mover. Including my first move to Chicago in 2013, through my move to Evanston in 2 days, I will have moved 5 times in just over 3 years. #ProStatus Exhausting as it sounds, every single move was worth it. I've lived in a walk-up in Lakeview, a high … Continue reading Goodbye Chicago, Hello Evanston: Packing Tips