Summer Porridge Overnight Oats Recipe

Looking for a new, easy grab-n-go breakfast option? Summer porridge is oatmeal's cooler counterpart, because who wants to eat hot oatmeal in 85 degree heat? No fear, this recipe is great even in the cold, it's more of a dynamic spin on plain old yogurt.

I’ll Have the Quesadilla, #yum

Simple, but sometimes still forgotten - the quesadilla. With just 5 ingredients, most of which you will already have home, you can hardly go wrong. Two flour tortillas 1/2 - 3/4 cups shredded cheese, I love a Mexican blend of cheeses for mine Your filling(s) of choice, boneless/skinless chicken breast for me Mrs. Dash's Southwest … Continue reading I’ll Have the Quesadilla, #yum

Summer Food for Thought: Deviled Eggs

Parties. Picnics. BBQs. Brunches. You name it, someone is having it this summer and you need to bring something. My favorite easy, delicious go-to is deviled eggs. If you've never tried them, I recommend doing so. If you have, and like them, but have never attempted to make them, I recommend trying it - it … Continue reading Summer Food for Thought: Deviled Eggs

English Muffin Pizzas: Homemade and Healthy(er)

These have been one of my favorites since I was a kid. They're incredibly easy to make, and because of how infrequently I had/have them, they seem like such a treat each time I do. I certainly can't take credit for these because I am sure this is no well-kept secret, but for those who … Continue reading English Muffin Pizzas: Homemade and Healthy(er)

Homemade Sushi: It’s Really Not That Hard

First and foremost, shout out to Betches Love This for giving me the inspiration聽to try and tackle this surprisingly small beast on my own. It was actually their recommended shopping list that I used to buy the ingredients but ultimately grabbed what I could find and used the construction recommendations on my purchased Nori's packaging. … Continue reading Homemade Sushi: It’s Really Not That Hard