What I Took Away from #SuperbowlSunday: #followyourdreams

Do you recognize Gwen? She quit her job during the Superbowl. No, I'm not about to quit my job but I am about to do something(s) I have wanted to for quite some time now, and that is building and maintaining my own website. GoDaddy.com has an absolutely irresistible special offer of $1/month for your … Continue reading What I Took Away from #SuperbowlSunday: #followyourdreams

uber Excited – Riding in Style

My most recent obsession: Uber. For those who are unfamiliar it's actually all over the globe these days so you're really not looking very hard. It's an awesome start up company with the concept based off of calling a cab at will. Sure, there are a couple of other companies in the industry but none … Continue reading uber Excited – Riding in Style