Basic Cushioned Bench Makeover

I'm a big advocate of reusing items you already have to save yourself the money for other beautiful things that you want but don't already have. It's like having your cake and also having your ice cream - delicious.

DIY Modern Bathroom Remodel in Under $1k

We'd never renovated anything big like this before, so this was huge. It was definitely possible to do within a reasonable budget, especially since we overhauled everything down to the toilet paper holder! For a first-time project we are pretty pleased with the results and are excited to share the journey with anyone hoping to beautify their bathroom space, too.

Decorating with Repurpose

Today, I'm sharing my counter corner in my kitchen. I have big plans for the kitchen as a whole, but so far I've fashioned a little cheer in my counter's corner space.聽This is a space where I normally house聽a cookie jar, my straws, napkins, the recipe stand and a few other kitchen essentials and decorations. … Continue reading Decorating with Repurpose

DIY: Crayon Wax Pumpkin Craft because, Fall.

Crayon-melted pumpkins are a unique craft-turned-decor that is easy and fun, even for younger kids. I am thinking about making more of the little glittery ones as centerpiece add-ons, or even favors, in the future!

My Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe

My morning beverage obsession for the few months has has been a slightly-altered version of the Starbucks Pink Drink. It tastes like a delicious strawberry smoothie but with caffeine and without all of the calories.

My DIY Duvet Cover

Don't let the market's offerings kick you off of your homemaking high. Making my own duvet cover was not that big of a stretch, and the hacks I learned along the way can help you make your perfect piece, too.