4 Ways to Easily Incorporate the Gym into your Work Week

I have the mentality and mindset that I want to go to the gym, and break a sweat, and work on my overall health, but the idea of doing that on top of everything else can be seriously intimidating. I've tried a few different gyms with a few different routines and just now about 4 years later I am confident in saying that I feel like I have cracked the gym/work/life balance code.

How To Not Act On LinkedIn: Know Your Platform

Cops are very particular and passionate about the law, just like doctors are about health, or firemen about practicing fire safety (see: Phoebe's boyfriend Vince). Someone like myself, who is very into social media and all of its purposes and benefits, is as you may have guessed, particular and passionate about how it is practiced as well. … Continue reading How To Not Act On LinkedIn: Know Your Platform

uber Excited – Riding in Style

My most recent obsession: Uber. For those who are unfamiliar it's actually all over the globe these days so you're really not looking very hard. It's an awesome start up company with the concept based off of calling a cab at will. Sure, there are a couple of other companies in the industry but none … Continue reading uber Excited – Riding in Style