ashley_foodwinediyHey there, I’m Ashley, the one behind the food and fun here at Food Wine & DIY. Thanks for stopping by!

From a young age I’ve loved to cook and make things, anything: food, art, a mess, you name it. Now that I’ve had my own kitchen for a while I’ve become pretty much unstoppable.

Health is also very important to me. As a lifelong athlete I am always looking for ways to keep myself in tip-top condition (and look good while doing it).


Creating and sharing my own recipes is my favorite part of Food Wine & DIY. I also love to take a tried-and-true concept and make it my own, or use it in unique new dishes. The best part of all of this cooking is my live-in taste tester, occasional sous-chef and fiance, Kevin. He’s a very candid critic, or at least I hope he is, because he says loves pretty much everything I serve him! While I love to keep it healthy, I truly believe life is about balance. There are plenty of sweets and treats around here too so dig right in!


When I’m not in my kitchen or office I’m probably at the gym, playing sports, watching reality TV (#guilty) or hanging outside with our husky mix, Bickell while the Chicago weather is nice. Once winter hits though, it’s all crafts and Sunday Funday football for this gal. The ‘wine’ is all of the other fun stuff you’ll find around here.


Do it yourself (because if you don’t, who will?). I’ve always been proud of my handy, hacking ways. Fun fact: my mom loved to draw, and took a lot of art classes while she was in school, and my dad to this day is still a painter by trade. The best crafty-handy lineage a girl could ask for, right? In the first year of Kevin and I owning our home we completely remodeled our bathroom, painted half of the rooms, installed a new kitchen faucet and I was cranking out new duvets and pillow shams left and right! If it’s short of removing windows and doors, we pretty much do it all.


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