DIY Weekly Menu Chalkboard

If you’re super particular and typically have a specific vision for what you want in a piece of decor, I hear you. I rarely find things that I love 100% as-is. Thankfully, it also rarely takes as much creative talent as people assume to customize items to your vision, you just have to be brave enough to give it a shot. This DIY menu board, for example, took hardly any DIYing at all!

DIY Weekly Menu Chalkboard

Finding a Board

This can be a chalkboard, dry erase board, or whatever other surface you envision for your menu board. Should be a surface that easily erases clean. For my purpose, this chalkboard on Amazon was this size and style I needed.

Side note: I highly recommend microfiber cloths for erasing chalk off your chalkboards, it’s the only thing I’ve ever used that doesn’t leave a streak (fun DIY organizing hack on these coming soon!). I bought this colorful multi pack and designated one for chalkboard erasure only.

Finding Decals

These are from Perfectly UnPerfect Co on Etsy.  If you own a Cricut you could also print labels yourself (note to self: I really need to get a Cricut). 1.5″ white decals here.

Assembling your perfect menu board

Start by measuring the length of writing space you have and dividing an appropriately even amount of space for each day of the week decal and the menu title decal, if you have one.

DIY Weekly Menu Chalkboard

Follow the instructions for your specific labels to apply to the surface. This step is important because you probably don’t have extra boards or labels – read twice, apply once!

…and that’s it! Never settle, fam. What you want is out there, never settle!

DIY Weekly Menu Chalkboard


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