Boho Chic Kitchen Curtains

Who knew Boho and Farmhouse were such a good-looking couple?

Boho Chic Kitchen Cafe Curtains

I’d found curtains I loved but they were TWICE as long as they needed to be. Given that they would sit over my sink, there really wasn’t wiggle room on the length. However, finding them longer than needed is always better than not being long enough.

I originally found this Opalhouse brand curtain聽at Target in it’s 24″x42″ ‘cafe length’ size and brought it home having absolutely ZERO sense of how big my window was (it was literally half the length I needed). First I placed them at ‘cafe length’ (a.k.a. about halfway down your window) with a tension rod just to see how they’d look, and it was a big fail. Too much going on. The next length size option up is 63″ long so that shot well past what I needed…and was also sold out. This journey started seeming impossible until I realized I could simply cut and sew these bad boys with little to no problem. Realistically, given the strict requirements for this space, this probably would have been the solution no matter what curtain I choose.

Boho Chic Kitchen Cafe Curtains

(this curtain also comes in yellow if that’s more your kitchen’s vibe)

So I headed back to Target. The 24″ ones were the only ones in stock (such a hot commodity) and the 84″ ones were the next shortest in stock online, so I ordered them to my store. The beautiful part of this purchase was that I only needed one panel, so one curtain panel at $23 later I had enough fabric to treat my entire kitchen sink window.

Boho Chic Kitchen Cafe Curtains

Measure twice, cut once

It’s the phrase heard ’round the sewing (and construction) world for a reason. Be聽totally sure you found the spot you want to cut, having accounted for an extra 1.5″ to be ironed and folded as your new hem.聽I hung the curtains up on my already mounted curtain rod first to give me a very real idea of how the curtains will lay when hung. From there I measured twice and marked for cut once.

Boho Chic Kitchen Cafe Curtains

Once I had my mark I laid them down flat to cut. Conveniently, these curtains have horizontal lines which made following one for my cut SUPER easy. #coincidentallyconvenient

Given the size of the curtain, I trimmed not only the length, but cut the curtain in half vertically to make two panels. My window is about 46″ wide and the single panel was 54″ wide. Given my curtains will be open almost all the time anyway, this was plenty of extra width to spare 3″ for a new hem, 1.5″ on each panel.

Just keep pinning

Boho Chic Kitchen Cafe Curtains

The most tedious part is pinning and ironing, but it’s a very important step. Pinning allows you unlimited chances to get the new hem straight. Once it’s pinned where you want, ironing the fabric down will keep your stitch more accurate while you sew.

Fold the end over once about 3/4″, pin it every few inches, then iron.
Remove pins.
Fold the ironed end over another 3/4″ (so it is now a total of 1.5″ folded over and all edges are clean), pin as needed and then iron again.
From there you’ll take the hem to your machine to sew the permanent hem.

As you can see, I ended up with only one side of tassels on either panel because of the cut, but that was intentional. These this project was truly made for my situation. More tassels against my wall would be too bulky and busy for this space, so the tassel-less edge along my cabinets are exactly what I wanted and needed.

Curtain rod details

This thin ‘brushed bronze’ cafe rod was under $10 from Lowe’s. I was seeking something very thin and inconspicuous because the focal of this space is on the tassel edged curtains. The brackets for this rod are even out of plain sight – this was also intentional. I made sure the rod was at least 50% longer than it needed to be so the hanging kit could hide behind my cabinet decor. Again, just wanted the focal point to be on the curtains

Shout out to Kevin with the assist. He got an electric drill a few years ago and ever since he’s been game to jump right in to (most of) my projects. Who knew all it’d take was getting him a fancy new toy to get him DIYing…should have done this聽yeaaarrrsss ago. 馃檪

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Boho Chic Kitchen Cafe Curtains


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