9 Things To Do in 2019

Apparently National Ditch Your Resolutions Day was January 17. 🤷

Surely you have way too much to do this year to let nonsense holidays bring you down (only up, like the ever hilarious National Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day on February 7 – happy holidays if you’re reading the same day this was published, btw). So I’ve made a list of 9 things I am planning to get to this year.

I could go on and on about the things I want to do this year (or really this moment, because I’m antsy af with exactly zero chill) but I’ve nailed down the top 9 and am committing. I’d encourage anyone to give one or all of these a chance if there’s something here you’ve been wanting to dig into; let’s be accountabil-i-buddies, yes? 🙂

I’ve also included a list of a few trendy to-do’s if you’re looking for some suggestions to keep the ‘new year new me’ momentum going!

9 Things To Do in 2019

Upgrade Tupperware

Once we’re settled into the new house I’m looking into glass food storage options. I love how easy traditional plastic containers are, but I’m tired of seeing redish/orangey stains from sauces and being reminded that plastic is still a porous material. In an effort to cut out the staining and BPA, I’m going to try and go glass only.

Research & Upgrade Laundry Products

I already found a 4-pack of Trader Joe’s wool dryer balls to replace my traditional dryer sheets, but I’m not stopping there. Ever since my eyes had a terrible reaction to our normal detergent and/or softener right before Christmas this has been on my mind. I switched to Tide Sensitive Pods but that’s not enough. There are a bunch more natural, less irritating options there and I want to find a better way.

9 Things To Do in 2019

Excited to try these in the new house in my brand new machine!

Implement Special Care for My Athletic Clothing

Really bright clothing and materials commonly used in athletic clothing can use special attention when being washed to preserve brightness and quality. Since I work from home, and also work out 4-5 times a week, I go through a LOT of brightly colored and/or athleisure clothing. Definitely enough for it’s own load. I’m looking to find the best routine to keep my colorful threads bright and wearable for a long, long time!

Up my Skincare Game

#thisis30. Currently, I use Julep’s What Your Skin Needs and LOVE it. Not going to drop my current product, just build on to the routine. I just ordered Julep’s Dream Big nightly pressed serum to add an overnight product to my regimen and am still looking into other great, effective products (drop a comment here or on today’s Instagram post if you have any must-share recommendations!). I’m always looking for ways to treat my skin even better.

Essential Oils

Holistic remedies are all the rage and I’m here for it. I’ve never been one to take ibuprofen or aspirin if I’m not in terrible pain so I’m hoping to cure some mild headaches and see what else essential oils can do in 2019!

Fitness equipment storage solution

Our new house has a loft on the second floor and I am PUMPED for it! I’ll finally have a space outside of my living room for working out and equipment. Right now my weights are currently under our coffee table. While they’re pretty much out of sight there, you can just imagine how much heavier the table is to move and how annoying it is to dig them out every time. I’m open to ideas, but thinking I need a cabinet of some sort that can hold the weights for easy access during a workout and are out of sight any other time. #challengeaccepted

Set Up Composting at the New House

We’re going to have a HUGE back yard (YAY!!). Since we’ve been eating healthier and have plenty of compostable items getting recycled/trashed these days, I want to give back to the Earth. (This is definitely my most flower child side about to come out rn). I just don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to keep the Earth as clean and efficient as possible considering it’s literally the only place we have to live, you know? (Okay, rant over). Recognizing it’s not for everyone, and not everyone who wants to do it even has the right setup (me, right now, in our condo), if you have the ability I say give it a shot! Especially if you are a green thumb, your garden soil will thank you later.

9 Things To Do in 2019

Kev and Bickell in our new backyard in December 2018.

Lay Our Patio and Fence in the Yard

There’s currently no patio in the backyard, just dirt and now some grass. We like that because it gives us the chance to customize the landscaping and put things where we want them. We definitely want a patio and I’m requiring a fence for Bickell to run free, so we plan to get a move on this as soon as weather permits. Patio first, so the cement trucks can get back there without the fence obstacle, and then the fence shortly after. We’ve already talked a lot about where and what we want for the patio and fencing so it’s a matter of getting in there and getting to work!

Finish Both Home Offices

This will be the biggest 2019 goal by far, but it’s one of the most important things we need to get done early into being in the new house. I work from home a lot, and Kevin will be home more too once we move, so we each need to have a fully furnished, functioning space to be as focused and productive as possible. We already have a den on the first floor for my office, but Kevin wants a basement office for the cooler temps. He’ll be in a spare room on the second floor in the interim, but building out a fully insulated/carpeted/wired/furnished office in the basement is a priority for us. Kev is so loud when he’s on the phone during the day, so a dedicated space like this will be just the ticket to everyone’s happiness. 🙂

Realistically, the amount of things I want to do in our new house alone is its own post, probably even a post per project eventually (spoiler alert: there will be posts detailing most of these projects), but these are the two biggest, necessary house to-do’s and have earned a spot on the 2019 list.

Need your own 2019 Goals?

Not all goals need to involve cutting something out, but that is most common. Think about things that can not only better your life from being eliminated, but how your life would be better with something new in it. Setting a time frame around goals also helps (i.e. “read 3 books/month” instead of “read more”).

  • Cutting out soda or another vice
  • Pack a lunch at least 4 days of the week
  • Read and/or meditate more – set a goal per week or month
  • Join a recreational sports team, book club or other social activity
  • Quit smoking/vaping
  • Take a road trip with friends
  • Call your parents and/or in-laws at least once a week
  • Visit at least one new ballpark/national park/museum – whatever it is you’re passionate about
  • Hitting 10,000 steps per day (it’s the AHA recommended amount!)
  • Trying a new workout program (I’m biased, but Beachbody really is the bee’s knees), my 80 Day Obsession post goes into more detail!

Food Wine & DIY

What are the big things you need to get done in 2019?

Share below or on social media! ❤

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