8 Little Things to Do Everyday to Be More Productive

So you want to be more productive?

You’re not going to be a more productive person overnight. Real, solid habits take time to establish. But you have to start somewhere, right?

Everyone operates differently, and there’s never going to be a secret sauce that works for everyone, but here’s where I’ve found success, since you’re looking for somewhere to start:

8 Little Things to Do Everyday to Be More Productive

Make your bed everyday

We won’t even tell your mom she was right (but she was). Not only is this a good way to subconsciously get used to establishing greater routines, but it feels amazing climbing into a crisply made bed after a long day.

Throw a load of laundry in, first thing

If today’s the day you need to tackle that hamper, do it ASAP. Not just to ‘get it over with’ but because it can take the longest to finish. Your laundry will be washing while you’re getting other things done, and you’ll still be on that productive roll when it’s time to switch loads and/or fold from the dryer. Plus, hang-drying items might even be ready to get put away by bedtime, leaving you without laundry clutter to deal with tomorrow. Score.

How to be more productive

Do your workout as early as possible

It’s easier to make excuses once you’ve had time to think them up. Just hop to it right after you put that laundry in, don’t delay! Plus, I always feel more productive the entire day if I worked out in the morning (like today, when I sat down and wrote this entire post, even after a full day of work!).

8 Little Things to Do Everyday to Be More Productive

Unload your dishwasher

Another easy task to get you moving. Ever been in the mood to clean? (the older you get the more you understand that this truly exists). It’s a domino effect. You get there because you do a few little things (make your bed, put away dishes) and you feel accomplished. Channel this into your work, your workout, or maybe you’re really just trying to clean more?? At any rate…Don’t leave clean dishes sitting there all day, especially because you’ll regret it after breakfast when you’re trying to stash a dirty dish in a full dishwasher.

Make a to-do list everyday

I use my Outlook as my running to-do list when I get emails that require action, but not everything I need to do has a corresponding email. Making a brief note with some check boxes is a super fast and rewarding way for me to get stuff done in a timely fashion. No better feeling than a big ole’ check mark in that box, amirite?

File your emails and paper clutter

Do NOT let it pile up. The less sitting in your inbox or on your desk, the better. If it’s been handled, file it appropriately before moving on. If it needs to be done, put it on your to-do list and start as soon as you’re done filing what is already handled!

How to be more productive

Start a grocery list as soon as you realize you need one

Right as you’re gearing up to the go to the store is the WORST time to make a list, arguably the most important personal list you’ll make all week (bad grocery list, means bad meal prep, bad meals, unhealthy choices…it’s a downward spiral). As soon as you notice you’re low or out of something, start. that. list. Leave it on the fridge, a dry erase board, or in a safe spot on your counter – somewhere you can continually add to it. You’ll find it makes going to the store that much more pleasant too, since you’re not scrambling in the aisles, afraid you’ll forget something.

Plan your week’s meals out

If your meals are planned ahead you’re not only going to eat better, but you’ll also know exactly what you need from the grocery store ahead of time. You’re going to eat happier, my friend.

Food Wine & DIY

What do you HAVE to do every day? Comment here or on Insta, or tag #foodwinediy in your productivity posts!

8 Little Things to Do Everyday to Be More Productive

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