80 Days and I’m Still Obsessed

80 Days and I'm Still Obsessed

Okay, so more than 80 days have passed due to rest days, my wedding/honeymoon and generally trying to get back in to the swing of it afterwards. But all the same, what a great program; and what an accomplishment it really was to complete it. I’m without shame SO proud of myself!

Little side bar: it’s SO important to not be ashamed or embarrassed of how proud you are of your fitness and nutrition accomplishments. I think people tend to not ‘overdo it’ with the pride they have for themselves because of how others may perceive them for it. That’s all in your head, honestly. If someone’s going to be negative it’s because they’re negative. The average Joe, especially your friends and family, are going to be just as happy for you as you are proud of yourself. Everyone’s bars for achievement are at different heights, so brush of the peanut gallery and beam away.

What 80 Day Obsession did for me: the numbers

Total inches lost: 5.25″
(throughout arms, hips, thighs and waist)
Total pounds lost: 5.4 lbs

Something to keep in mind: I did this program immediately following 21 Day Fix*, where I had already lost 6.2 lbs (which in all, is almost 12 lbs in 100 days, so unthinkable last year!). In 80DO I also gained a LOT of muscle, noticeably, which keeps your scale up, even if your figure is slimming down. This is exactly why it’s important to not get too fixated on the scale, but what the before and after photos reveal, and how you feel before and after.

Victories also come in the way of clothes sizing, particularly pants. It’s the best feeling in the world to go down a size, comfortably. You might not lose a single pound but lose a size because your waist has less excess, but there’s muscle forming elsewhere. It’s so much more than a number on a scale.

*try 21 Day Fix or 80 Day Obsession free or just learn more on my Coach Homepage

Before and After Photos

I don’t have any great before photos, but any excuse to share some Taylor Swift seems like a good one, so here’s what we have:


The before/after headshots are actually a little more dramatic in my opinion. I never thought once this before photo was something I wouldn’t love to share, but once you see where you can be, you never want to go back.


The feel goods

It’s rewarding to look at the photos, but you feel even more accomplished when people notice the change when they see you. I’m lucky to have kind family, friends, coworkers, Evanston volleyballers, etc. who have noticed the difference, especially ones who hadn’t seen me in a long time.

When volleyball picked back up in September, the league coordinator said I had visibly really improved over the summer…I didn’t play volleyball all summer, honestly, but because I had dropped extra weight and gained muscle, my energy was the highest it’s been on that court.

That realization will stick with me for the long haul.

The little phrase on your 1 year Shakeology gift is no cliche, it really has been “the healthiest [almost] year of my life!” So thankful. ❤

Food Wine & DIY

Having trouble with your fitness goals? Where have you had successes? While I’m not a traditional/active Beachbody Coach, I still helping folks through their fitness journey or swapping successes. Come chat on today’s Insta post!

Looking for Shakeo inspo?

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