Here’s to a Healthy New Year

Key Steps to a Healthy New Year

It’s January, and it’s kind of a bummer month: holidays are gone but all your holiday weight isn’t, it’s still cold and now you’re expected to go back to work after more time off than you’ve been accustomed to all year. #woof

I can’t dictate your work schedule or the weather, however, I compiled some of my healthiest goodness for you to help rid you of that extra lingering holiday “cheer”.

Start by cleaning your pantry

Get rid of extra cookies, cake, sweets, whatever. The bad stuff, out with it. Eat it, toss it, donate it – just make it disappear. You’re not going to head down the right road with a bunch of tempting exits all over the place. While you’re at it, check expirations for things you know you haven’t touched in a while. Life is easier with less clutter, might as well take care of expired goods here too.

meal prep chalkboard

Have a plan

Meal prep boards are the bomb! We eat noticeably better when our meals are preselected each week. It avoids the potential for hanger or impulse ordering take out.

The Costco seafood selection keeps us stocked with salmon and tilapia so we always have single meal portions on hand. Having healthy proteins in stock is critical. You can always decide on rice, potatoes or other veggies once you have the main event picked out.

Make Healthy Taste Good

If healthy tastes miserable you’re going to spend more time rationalizing how eating the unhealthy is actually okay. Stick to some easy, prep-able staples like cooking a bunch of boneless skinless chicken breasts for the week, or making a bunch of Greek Yogurt dough for your morning bagels or even a healthier make-your-own pizza night. A go-to side of mine is easy to cook kale chips, which I actually now just place on a baking sheet and cook in the oven for even easier prep. (More on how to make kale edible here).

chocolate shakeology

Shake it off

I love my Shakeology. And I promise I’m not here to sell it to you, but I have to give credit where it’s due. I do much better when I have my Shakeo most of the week. If you’re a Shakeo drinker, give my classic Banana and Almond Milk recipe a shake (ha!) or step it up and make you and bae a Shakeo Hot Cocoa for an after dinner treat.

Not a Shakeo drinker? There’s some other healthy alternatives out there for you. My Banana Yogurt Matcha Smoothie is fantastic for getting you going in the morning.

I also post new smoothie and shake creations as I find them on my Intsa stories, along with any other good foodie finds, so be sure to follow along!

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4 Key Steps to a Healthy New Year

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