Hot Cocoa with Shakeo

Hot Cocoa with Shakeology

Hot cocoa just got that much better because now it’s kinda healthy.

For as much time as it would take to make a normal batch of hot cocoa on your stove top, you can have one with a fraction of the sugar and actually, a ton of superfoods and nutrients. And it’s still SO rich, creamy and delicious.


  • Chocolate Shakeology, 1 full scoop per serving
  • Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Not familiar with Shakeology? Read more on my coach’s page or in this post.

Optional Ingredients

  • Whipped cream (add for presentation or leave off for fewer calories)
  • Sprinkles (optional, but are adorable)
  • Mini marshmallows (optional but also just plain fun)
  • Cinnamon, stick or sprinkled (optional, if you’re into this kind of thing)

Super easy recipe, right? Plus, it’s cold out right now, so frozen blended shakes don’t always sound appetizing.

Hot Cocoa with Shakeology

To ensure you’re not being wasteful or undershooting the amount of end product you need, pour the almond milk into your mug first to be sure amounts are accurate. Same applies if you’re making multiple servings.

Add all the milk for your desired end goal, plus 1 scoop per serving, into a sauce pan and heat on low-medium heat.

I added my whole serving of Shakeology to the saucepan at ocne and it eventually mixed in just fine. It may prove easier if you add a little at a time, though. Stir the chocolate and almond milk regularly so it blends well.

Once the chocolate powder is gone you’re ready to serve your hot cocoa! Garnish with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, sprinkles or cinnamon if you’re looking for presentation. If not, I say less is more. Avoid those extra calories if you’re trying to be good.

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