5 things to do after your Bridal Shower to stay organized and clutter-free

Congrats! Planning your wedding is such an exciting but often hectic time. I’m hoping you and your significant other find benefit from this very cut-to-the-chase list of tips to help you keep organized once you’ve got a whole haul of new goodies to add to your home. Let’s jump right in.

the dog bed husky

First, wash all of your new linens

We received an assortment of decorative towels, bath sheets (side note: a MUST for your wedding registry; they’re enormous and fluffy and worth every penny), and a new duvet set for our guest room. Before they can go anywhere you’ll want to wash them, so unpack all linen gifts first and throw them in one big washer load so they can clean while you work on the rest of the loot.

glassware organization

Check your bar cart

Often times people register for whiskey glasses, champagne flutes or any number of other fun bar cart/cocktail bar accessories. Before adding your brand new items to your current stash, go through all of your liquor bottles, mixers, etc. and check for any expiration. This will not only clear out room for you to load new items, but keep you from drinking flat seltzer or stale margarita mix later.

Once you’ve identified only what you plan to keep, organize your glassware by cocktail type and try to make room for a little of everything so you’re prepared for any drink request. We have close to 30 wine glasses, but only about 10 are on the main shelf, making room for our beer and martini glasses. Extras of everything are on the very top shelf for storage.

pizza recipe stand

Pots, pans and baking dishes

Before putting anything new away, Kevin and I sat on the floor and completely emptied our huge corner cabinet where all our large pans, baking dishes, trays and mixing bowls live. We actually didn’t get rid of much, but we reorganized the cabinet entirely. Now bowls are stacked, pans are nested together by size and everything is SO much more accessible. This is a serious game changer – don’t throw new items into an old mess!

But always be asking yourself: can anything go? If so, do you have a younger sibling/cousin going to college or any friends who are just starting out? Anything still in good shape but not needed could be donated to someone versus being tossed.

kitchenaid mixer spoons

Audit your tumblers, mugs and water bottles

Mugs are the biggest offenders here. Everyone gifts them for office exchanges, secret santas and every other holiday where you are just plain stumped for a gift idea. Then all of a sudden two young adults own 57 mugs between the two of them. Take this time to go through and see what you want to keep, what is sentimental, etc. and which ones you can donate – maybe you have a young family member just starting out who could use some perfectly good mugs/tumblers, etc. or you can always donate them to someone else in need via a local drop off.

coffee bar blender drinks

Small kitchen appliances

Before we even got back to our condo, Kevin’s brother claimed dibs on our old coffee maker, since he saw we received a Ninja Coffee Bar. I couldn’t have been more thrilled because the last thing I wanted to do was pitch a perfectly good coffee maker. Did you get a new blender, mixer or toaster maybe? Anyone need those? Shoot out a group text to the fam.

Always think of who might be able to benefit from gently used appliances and kitchen ware. A blender might not seem like a big expense to you now, but think back to when you were in college and $25 was a small fortune.

Overall Advice

If you couldn’t guess theme of the entire process is – out with the old, in with the new, and who can use your perfectly good, slightly used items? Especially those items that are on the pricier end for someone just starting out. I’m a huge proponent of recycling and giving back where able. Any little bit might help someone out!

Food Wine & DIY

Have any tips? Thoughts? What’d I miss? Share below!

5 things to do after your Bridal Shower to stay organized and clutter-free


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