Trader Joe’s New Matcha Almond Beverage: Recipe and Review

I hate to say it, but a $5 latte from Starbucks just isn’t an ideal lifelong setup. Not for the everyman. I also hate to say it, but it turns out there’s WAY more sugar in their matcha lattes than most of us probably realize (really, if you’re a fan of their matcha you have to check out the nutrition on the app or website, it’s alarming). But anywho…check this out:

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So, what’s this new drink?

My eyes have been opened for the better, fam. Trader Joe’s now has a shelf stable Matcha Almond Beverage for only $1.99. It’s essentially a matcha latte pre-made and ready to drink. Serve warm or over ice. #teamicedforlife

Want some flavor?

Same. I drink nothing without add-ins/flavoring. I’ve had this Torani sugar-free vanilla flavoring for the better part of a year and it only cost about $7 for a big bottle. It lasts you forever and it’s sugar-free. Grab one in your flavor of choice to add a dash into your hot or iced matcha almond drink for the quickest, cheapest, tastiest latte you’ve ever made yourself. It’s slightly lighter than the Starbucks version with almond milk but honestly, it’s probably because there is about 24 grams less sugar in this version. Unbelievable, right?

almond matcha TJ ingredients

This setup is not only way better for you, but far less expensive, too. Your $5 per day drink just turned into a less than $5 per week drink. Just like that. Pair it with a cute to-go cup on days you commute for even better go-green while saving-green feels.

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Bottoms up!


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