My Purple Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Now that my bridal party proposals are complete I can finally share my Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes, and I couldn’t be more excited to show them off! My gals have put up with years and years of me and my antics, so I wanted to be sure to treat them to something nice, while at the same time not breaking the bank since you know…the whole wedding to plan/fund thing.

I landed on a custom mug, nail polish (which is cute and practical, as you’ll see later) and a cheesy hand written note all wrapped up in an “Ashley Purple” box. You’ve seen Tiffany’s blue, but this is my trademark shade of purple.

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes with Personalized Mugs, OPI Nail Polish and Handwritten Note

The Mugs

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes with Personalized Mugs, OPI Nail Polish and Handwritten Note

It’s no secret that I’m UH-bsessed with how these came out – I’ve been mouthing off about them like crazy on Instagram since I’ve been able. They’re exactly what I pictured giving my gals! There’s personalization, the perfect color and they’re all tied together with a uniform ‘Bride Squad’ on the back of each one. I really love the cursive font, too. Very elegant and bridal chic.

I can’t say enough about the ladies at Charmingly Created either, they’re the best! I literally threw a random internet-found font at them and they made it happen like magic. Plus, they’re both (also engaged) sorority sisters from a chapter in Texas so it makes soliciting their small business even more meaningful to me.

Thank you again, Diana and Mari! ❤
(links to shop them at the end)

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes with Personalized Mugs, OPI Nail Polish and Handwritten Note

Back of the mugs Charmingly Created

The Nail Polish

No need to worry about another small detail on your wedding day. Gift your girls not only a thoughtful gift, but a practical one – I’m all about practical gifts – so I asked my ladies to wear the nail polish I gifted to them on my big day! They can bring it to the salon for the professionals or apply it themselves, dealers choice. Not that I personally worry about any of my bridesmaids showing up in neon nail polish (okay, maybe my sister.. 🙂 ), but you’ll rest easy knowing they’ll be wearing a great color on your big day.

Side note: Anyone else shocked it wasn’t purple nail polish?! Me too…But that’s a bit too matchy-matchy for me, especially since they’re wearing gorgeous Grape colored dresses from Azazie. 😀

The Nail Polish I Picked

OPI is great, and when I found this I Love Applause color on Pinterest I immediately LOVED it. However, OPI is typically ~$10/bottle, and with 5 bridesmaids, it wasn’t looking cheap. In fact, the 5 bottles would have cost more than the gift boxes I’ll be telling you about shortly, which was ridiculous to me.

Thankfully, I persistently searched the depths of the internet for OPI I Love Applause for not only $4.99/bottle at, but I Googled and found an additional 10% off coupon (there’s always coupons! Code listed at the end of this post), bringing them to $4.50/bottle! I was not only able to get all five of my gals the best nail polish affordably, but also got myself one because I just love the color. 💯

The Note

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes with Personalized Mugs, OPI Nail Polish and Handwritten Note

Honestly, I got lucky here. I had “pink” nail polish and a mug, which holds your “drink” and made up my own little diddy from there. It helps when you’re a dork who likes to rhyme and use puns on a daily basis, so if that’s not you try tapping a non-bridesmaid friend or Pinterest for inspo!

The Boxes

…are SUPER easy to assemble and were pretty easy on the wallet. I had these exact boxes in my head before I even started looking and was thrilled to find them pretty quickly at The only catch? They’re a wholesaler, so the minimum order is 25 boxes.

I thought about it: I’d also gotten the moms each a mug, plus I may have a few other items that could use this exact wrapping theme 😉 and I could always use them for birthday and special occasion gifts down the line (no wrapping paper required = score). So I ordered them. They were only $30 for 25 quality satin-finished boxes, but then the shipping was another $10. That was a bit higher than my price point, but I looked everywhere for these boxes and no one else even came close. It was a justified splurge for me.

Assembling the Boxes

The boxes are already in one piece (plus the lid), you just need to open them, crease the two corners that were flat and fold in a few spots. I taped the bottom folds on the inside just for extra support too, but tape isn’t really necessary.

I had some of this crinkly paper filler at home which was perfect to line the bottom of the boxes with. A perfect substitute is to ball up a few pieces of tissue paper (you only need 4 sheets per box) to use as a base.


Then, layer some tissue paper flat over the base before you put your items in. Add your gifts first, then place your proposal note on top and fold over the tissue so she has to open it to read, so fun!


Assembling the lids was a bit trickier. The folding and tucking was not very intuitive at first. Once I watched this YouTube video that Paper Mart had on assembling them it was really easy. This video is for their view-top boxes but the steps are the same.


As I assembled more and more lids I realized I didn’t need any tape, but the first couple I definitely used a tiny bit to be sure they would stay. It was really just distrust from the unknown, but if it makes you feel better to tape them, by all means go for it! You’d rather not fear them coming apart before (or even after) delivery. One of my ladies lives in Virginia so I had to make sure hers survived the shipping!


Thank You’s and Special Offers

Special thank you to Charmingly Created for their stellar work on my proposal mugs! Check their other work out on Etsy and follow them on Instagram for cute inspo and gift ideas!

If you’re looking for some good beauty supply deals, I mentioned The code MOBILE10 will get you 10% off your entire order.

If doesn’t have what you’re looking for you can still save on some nail polish and other beauty products for your bridesmaids (or even a treat for the bride!). I teamed up with Sally Beauty to provide 25% off your $50 purchases with code 888091 TODAY (April 16) ONLY!

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