My W./Wantable Experience

My lack of cute denim was getting really old. I’ve been eyeballing cute distressed pairs for months now. But with no idea where to start it’s really hard to find motivation. Especially when my plain-Jane denim works fine for dinners and weekends on top of work. I was also in search of another pair of black jeans because my all-time favorite isn’t in production anymore (and isn’t to be found anywhere, I’ve totally scraped the internet😩).

As a Newsette Ambassador I really have a front row seat to all of their fantastic partnerships. Many of which are solving for something i.e. a clothing dead end. Enter W./Wantable.

As a disclaimer, I didn’t formally partner with Wantable or Newsette on this one, so there are no affiliate links in this post. But I was so happy with their service that I wanted to share the experience in hopes it could help you, too. Links are my own personal referral links that all happy Wantable users can use to refer friends.

What is Wantable?

Wantable is an online lifestyle service that helps you curate clothing and accessories according to your size, style and preferences. They have everything from casual tops to dresses, denim, handbags jewelry and more. And despite the wealth of options they have, they make this process super easy on the customer.


Was it hard? What do I have to do?

It’s incredibly straightforward. First and most importantly you start with your Style Quiz. This identifies what your Edits (your subscription boxes) will include. Once you complete the quiz, there’s a Stream you can pop into at your leisure and ‘request’ or ‘decline’ things you see on there (similar to ‘liking’ and ‘disliking’ things in your Facebook feed).

It’s like anything else in life though, the more work you put in to the Style Quiz and Stream, the better your results will be. I took my time and thoughtfully completed the entire quiz, really evaluating each type of clothing and accessory it brought up and decided if I needed more of that item right now or not. I went into this knowing I primarily needed cute, distressed and black denim, and really made that apparent in the answers and also the note to my stylist (yup, you can even write notes to get really specific!). I also spent a lot of time in the Stream that day and the next requesting or declining items to better help my stylist identify pieces for me.

My Wantable Experience

My Wantable Experience and Selections

I LOVED my first box! I not only loved the denim selections that I came in looking for, but the shirt and dress options were SO cute and on point, too!

Outfit 1 – Rose Tank and Distressed Denim

This first pair of items just screamed spring, I loved it! The Cheryl Top is a pretty dusty rose color, I don’t have anything in this shade in my closet so I was immediately drawn to it. Sadly, it was a bit too big, and the price was shockingly high, so I didn’t keep it, but I’m hoping to see some similar items in the future. These Gisele Skinny jeans were so comfy too, but also just a bit too big. I let my stylist know I’d want to try these one size down (since when is THAT ever the problem?!) in my next box. She definitely hit the nail on the head on my distressed denim search here! Shirt: $72.00 // Jeans: $88.00

Outfit 2 – Bell Sleeves and Black Denim

Those sleeves though! They were so cute and fun, but the body of the Striped Ruffle shirt lacked much structure. It was hard to do, but I returned it, though I hope I get to see some other fun bell sleeve options in future boxes! These Vigoss Mid Rise Super Skinny Jeans though – SOLD. They’ve already been washed and worn in the few days I’ve had them. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect black denim pants for literally years. I have one pair I constantly lean on, and another pair I only have to wear when my go-to pair is dirty. That’s no way to live, friends. These new pants have a cute little 1″ slit on the bottom outter sides and feel like my workout pants. Total homerun! Shirt: $48.00 // Denim: $68.00

Outfit 3 – Striped Tee and Distressed Denim

The Westward Short Sleeve Top was incredibly soft and comfortable. As you can see the stripes aren’t just horizontal all around, they go in different directions in some spots which add such a cool detail to the shirt. The only reason this one wasn’t a keeper was the side slit, it was just a little too long for me. I could wear this on the weekend but not to work, and I really prefer pieces that carry through both purposes, especially at a higher price tag. But let’s talk about these Jagger Destructed jeans. I’m loving the skinny fit, and the comfortable fit overall, but the coloring on the back just wasn’t very flattering. Leaning towards a darker wash with distress for that next pair, fingers crossed! Shirt: $68.00 // Jeans: $74.00

Outfit 4 – Little Black Bell Sleeve Dress

A beautiful black dress with those bell sleeves that just keep me swooning! I probably would’ve kept it but it was just a little too short for me. It’s perfect for a Bachelorette Party or little black dress nights out on the town, but I try to picture how often I’d wear pricier items before splurging and I just don’t think I have enough of those occasions coming up to balance this purchase. Dress: $68.00

My Wantable Experience

Returning the items you aren’t buying

Also super easy. Wantable provides the return packaging, postage, etc. and you can either very easily schedule a USPS pickup via a link they email you, or drop it at any USPS pickup location.

Overall Experience

LOVED. IT. The experience absolutely exceeded my expectations, especially since I’m not big on spending a lot on clothing. Sometimes you just need to refresh your closet with a few good pieces, and that’s so much easier with a personal stylist helping you out, at no cost! You also get a discount if you keep 5 or more pieces (which is basically buy 4 get 1 free, it’s pretty generous).

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Want to give Wantable a try?

Click here to get started! It doesn’t take much time, but I suggest getting started when you have a bigger window of time so you can really focus on the questions and stream so your pieces are perfectly tailored to you. I spent maybe 15 or 20 minutes on my quiz and feed and it was well worth it!

Share your Wantable finds on Insta (especially those cute denims!) #foodwinediy

My Wantable Experience


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