Why You Can Have Avocado Toast and Bacon for Breakfast

Obviously bacon isn’t the world’s healthiest food, but it doesn’t mean you can never enjoy one of your favorites. It just means you shouldn’t put it on the side of a pound of pancakes or waffles. Pair it with something healthier for a balance you can feel good about.

Avocado Toast and Bacon for Breakfast

I constantly talk about food balance. And I don’t mean ‘1 part veggies to 1.5 parts meat’ yadda yadda. I’m not a Dietician or nutritionist, please understand that. However, I studied Psychology for several years. Yes, nutrition is incredibly important, but so is sticking to a long-term healthier eating plan. Which a lot of people won’t do if they can’t enjoy some of their favorites occasionally. Weight Watchers really got it right on this one, in my opinion (pizza and bagels are included? No wonder I know several women who are signed up).

But if you’re like me, and want to work on cutting back on your portions and bad choices in a less structured way, I hear you. I also hear everyone who enjoys those fried strips of pork that I waited 29 years to enjoy.

You read that right; I didn’t even really give bacon a try until I was 29 years old.

A gift and a curse though, right? Avoided a greasy food that many people otherwise love for so long, but now that I’m older and should be focusing on a better diet, I have a new-found love. Ugh.

Avocado Toast and Bacon for Breakfast

The Silver Lining

A nurse once explained good cholesterol and bad cholesterol to me in the best layman’s terms possible: the bad cholesterol (LDL) is what clogs your arteries, and the good cholesterol (HDL) acts like the draino to get rid of the bad buildup. Heart.org also has a good explanation about your house having a mess-maker and a mess-cleaner. Well, avocados are FULL of Omega-3 fatty acids which have been known to boost your HDL cholesterol (and in turn unclog that LDL from the bacon).

Now, there’s more too it obviously, so don’t hold me or the nurse to this non-medical explanation. And no, all of a sudden shotgunning avocados won’t undo decades of bacon damage, but consider maintaining a balance moving forward.

Avocado Toast and Bacon for Breakfast

If you’re having 1/2 an avocado for breakfast and 4-5 strips of bacon, you’re probably doing yourself a service, as opposed to a scoop of avocado and 8-10 strips of bacon. I don’t know the direct do-and-undo of the fatty acid and the bad cholesterol here, and it likely depends largely on how greasy or bad the specific bacon you’re eating is, but my point is…have some avocado with your bacon – it certainly can’t hurt.

How to avoid overdoing the bacon

You can always add some eggs to the side or top, of one or both pieces of your avocado toast. I love a hard-boiled egg and a dash of pepper with mine (mostly just the egg whites though), and it adds a lot of nutritious substance to the meal. Some mornings I also pair a banana with my savory dish, which is more filling than you might realize.
Avocado Toast and Bacon for Breakfast

Avocado Alternatives

Don’t love the taste of avocado? Kudos to you for still wanting to give it a try – it’s just so dang good for you. Avocado and salmon are really the two Omega-3 heavy hitters out there, and avocado can easily be altered to change the taste. I laid out a few examples on my avocado spreads post – a more robust, cheesy option and a Tex-mex salsa option. The Tex-mex option probably masks the taste more and has some other healthy ingredients so it’s win-win.

Food Wine & DIY

Share your avocado toast recipes – bonus points if they include bacon! Use #foodwinediy on Instagram (or your other fave social platform).

Happy bruching!

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