Unusual Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here! Not that anyone north of Florida could have possibly guessed that, but let’s at least try to get in the spirit.

I don’t consider myself a hoarder by any means, you really can’t be when you live in a little apartment in a big city, or even a slightly roomier condo. There’s just not a lot of room or storage and it makes no sense to me to pay for a storage unit if you’re already paying rent (and not in the process of moving) – just my opinion.

Unusual Spring Cleaning

So how do we fix the clutter? We clean! But it’s the unexpected items that get missed that really cause the clutter. Let’s dig right in.Unusual Spring Cleaning


Kevin and I counted 8, yes eight pillows that we had lying around the house that we weren’t using nor could find a use for. Sayonara. Assess your living room first. That’s where you and your guests spend the most time and will notice the most clutter. Remember to check behind your couches, in your benches and under your coffee and end tables if they have storage. We pulled 6 from behind the oversized chair alone.

Then check your guest bedroom. You probably don’t really pay attention to the bedding in there as much and things may go unnoticed for a while. We had two pretty ugly old pillows that we brought to the new place before we got new ones but they’ve been around so long we just overlooked them for years. Then assess remaining bedrooms or sitting areas where you might have an excess of pillows.

All of the pillows were in fine shape, we just accumulated too many and bought our Cuddl Dud pillows this winter, so we simply didn’t need them all. We brought these to our local Goodwill and they were absolutely thrilled to receive the donation!

Unusual Spring Cleaning

Towel/Washcloth cleanup

I’ve been pulling my hair out about this one for too long. We keep these on a higher up shelf, and I can reach them but not necessarily enough to organize them regularly. So I grabbed my step stool and got to work. Everyday kitchen towels on the left. Nicer towels in the middle. Washcloths on the right. DONE. Kevin has been warmed of this new way of life, but I’m still pretty tempted to actually label the shelf just to be safe..

Towel cleanup also applies to your beach towels, bath towels and washcloths. We recently tidied up in there, such an underrated feeling. You run out of cabinet/closet space too fast – stop holding on to linens you’re not using! If they’re in good shape you can pay it forward here too by donating ones you don’t need.

Spice cabinet

When is the last time you checked the expiration dates on your spices? They are good for a long time, but do eventually expire like any other food product. Check those annually at least.

This includes your take-out sauce packets. Go through those regularly, both refrigerated and not.

Unusual Spring Cleaning


Why do I have literally 20+ koozies in my two-person home? Because we get them, throw them in the drawer and never look at them again. I don’t drink beer, only an ocassional cider, but even then I never remember to use a koozie or I’m too afraid it’ll wobble over and spill. I saved a handful that hold personal memories and tossed all the ones we got for free at bars and events – some with companies/names we didn’t even recognize.

Water bottles

Did you gather water bottles from every last parade, fair or sporting event you attended in the last year? Think about how many you’ve actually used, or may have a use for, and donate or recycle the rest.

Unusual Spring Cleaning

Magazine pileup

These things come out of nowhere. Check your desk, drawers, on and/or under your coffee table and end tables and counter space (that you don’t even realize you have because you wrote it off as magazine space). Recycle them all! Where did they come from? Cancel the subscription if you never read them, saving some $$ in the process.

Magazine clutter can be the worst kind in the wrong hands..

Unusual Spring Cleaning

Bickell helped us Spring Clean the first year we had him

If you don’t do it soon, someone else might do it for you! 🙂


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