Organizing Your Take-Out Sauce Packets

March is National Sauce Month, so let’s talk sauce. Specifically, let’s talk about the sauce that’s sitting in taking over your drawers, cabinets and refrigerators.

Everyone has sauce packets laying around, you’re fooling no one by telling us otherwise. Who really keeps hot mustard, sweet and sour, or soy in the house (unless you’re constantly making聽teriyaki聽salmons, obvi) otherwise?

Organizing Your Take-Out/To-Go Packets

My take-out packets share a drawer with the tinfoil, saran wrap, baggies, pot holders and my main cutting board. It’s just where they all ended up when we moved in. It was working fine until one day I had packets all over the drawer- in between pot holders and boxes and the drawer regulars were not fitting in there without a fight. #overit

Organizing Your Take-Out/To-Go Packets

Please note the random dime that was also plundered on this adventure.

This is possibly the simplest hack I’ve ever provided:聽put the packets in a bowl.

Organizing Your Take-Out/To-Go Sauce Packets

Seriously, I grabbed a cute, clear yellow square bowl that I don’t use anymore (super important detail: don’t grab a bowl you’re going to be missing regularly) out of my cabinet and wrangled all the rogue packets in it. The square shape is especially helpful in keeping things tidy, a circle bowl would make it harder to keep everything as neat. Likewise, if you have no sqaure bowls you likely have some square or rectangular tupperware, just grab one or two of those instead!

Organizing Your Take-Out/To-Go Sauce Packets

While you’re organizing those packets

Check expiration dates if they have them – some packets do! Toss what’s no good, or get rid of some if you just plain have too many of one kind.

Organizing Your Take-Out/To-Go Sauce Packets

Expired AF

Asses if all packets should go in this spot or if they were just thrown there out of habit. I ended up moving my Splenda/sugar/honey packets over to my coffee and tea area and those crackers are now with my soups. No time like the present to make an improvement!

Start thinking of some recipes you can use your [non-expired] packets for, too. Some of my favorites that you can always Pin for later include:

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