Making a Wedding Venue Checklist

There are a lot of things you don’t even realize factor into a wedding until you’re planning your own. Being the type-A, list-making person that I am, that was the first thing I needed to do once I realized I had so many general logistical questions before I even started thinking about the specific details that I wanted.

How do I know what I need to know?

Think about your must-haves and just list them out, not even necessarily in question form. Do you have a pet that you want involved?

  • Are you planning on a late night snack?
  • Does your fiance want an ice sculpture (cough…Kev)?
  • If your ceremony is outdoors, what is your backup?
  • What’s included at the venue? They sometimes provide unexpected things.
  • If they have a bridal suite on-site be sure it’s yours for the day.
  • Do you want outdoor space at your reception site?

The list goes on and on, and you’ll probably add more to it as you start looking at venues. Always write down questions as they come up because the information overload will always cause you to forget things.

I also encourage talking to friends/family who have gotten married in the last few years and see what some of the little known details they encountered were. Since they’ve gone through this experience recently they’ll have the freshest perspective on what the wedding market is like right now.

I have a list of requirements, now what?

Turn your requirements into questions and add them to your master questionnaire.

Must-have: My dog will be in the wedding.
Ask: “Are dogs allowed on the premises? If it rains, are they allowed inside the rain location?”

Take each detail you listed and be sure to ask all of the questions about that detail. Not just if it’s allowed or provided, but what happens if there’s bad weather, or someone has an allergy, etc. You have to think about the worst case scenario and get down to the bare bones of what your contingency plan will be.

Make your list, check it twice

Get each and every one of your requirements into question form and leave yourself some space to write the answers in at the appointment.

Having the same information side by side after all of your appointments will help you compare the venues side by side with the same important criteria.

No idea where to start? Check out my free download.

Start with the same Wedding Venue Checklist that I brought venue shopping. It’s got all your basic need-to-asks and is print-ready. However, I left it in .docx format so you can add, delete and/or edit to customize to your needs!

Wedding Venue Checklist Template with Free Download


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