Food Wine & DIY has a new face

About this new look…

It was time for an upgrade

I made my original logo in Paint. Yes, Microsoft Paint, because I was just beginning to launch the newly branded Food Wine & DIY and didn’t have any better graphic design software at my disposal. I still don’t have anything better licensed to my Mac to this day, which is why I called in some help for this job.

How’d we do it?

I found my graphic designer on Fiverr, which is an absolute hidden gem. For anyone unfamiliar, Fiverr is self-described in their terms of service as a marketplace platform for services performed by its users. My translation: it’s a community of freelancers who can do the jobs that customers (like me), need done. They have a pool of freelancers for graphic design, stationary, writing and translation, video, audio, and the list goes on. The prices are fair (under $30 total, including a well-deserved tip for my designer) so I gave it a shot, and it was worth every penny.

Looking to re-brand (or even brand) your site/blog/social media? Sign up for Fiverr free with my referral link. I can also provide a code for 10% off of your first order, just shoot me an email here if you’re interested.

My designer was the best

Zain (username rajputfactor), is the designer of the new Food Wine & DIY logo. He’s very talented and incredibly easy to work with; after looking at his library of work and knowing what I had in mind for the new logo, I knew this would be a good fit. He provided 5 original concepts and then worked with me through a few revisions of the ones I liked until we reached the final product. This was all thanks to his business model that offered unlimited revisions, which was a real selling point for me. He also provided a few different versions of the logo (header, social media versions, white versus color, etc.) so I could use them on different parts of the site.

I’m over the moon with how it all turned out. I happily spent the latter part of my Sunday doing a full brand overhaul on my site and platforms (while watching the Olympics closing ceremony, of course), and would love to walk through my experience in even more detail with anyone looking to do the same. No better feeling than a fantastic [blog] makeover!


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