Creating Your Wedding Registry

There’s much more to creating a solid registry than going scan-happy at your favorite store. Even though that’s easily the best part 馃檪


We had a few spare hours this Sunday so Kev and I headed to Bed Bath & Beyond, since I’d created a very bare bones registry on their website already. Kevin has always talked about wanting to walk around the store with one of those registry guns so that took zero convincing.

While it was a lot of fun, there’s some things I’d want curious couples to know ahead of time about the registering-for-gifts process.

1. Develop a wishlist聽before anything else

Before you even open your cabinets or walk into a store, develop a list of things you and your fiance really, truly want/need. It’s easy to get swept up by everything in store, but you may not really want/need all those things; that’s just a result of good marketers doing their job.

Some things Kev and I knew we wanted/needed before even registering:

  • KitchenAid mixer (insert all the heart eye emojis here)
  • A nice聽roaster pan, since we host a Friendsgiving every year
  • An electric carving knife, also with聽Friendsgiving in mind
  • Champagne flutes – we have a million wine glasses but nothing for a mimosa!

2. Go in knowing you won’t keep everything you scan

Just guessing how this might go, I had a feeling we’d either be encouraged and/or tempted to scan a聽bunch of stuff we don’t truly need or want, and I was right, to an extent. Our consultant was incredibly helpful and didn’t necessarily lay on aggressive pressure to scan things, but you can tell the associates are likely trained to encourage “scan it just in case” behavior. After all, you’re in a store, which is a business, and their goal is to make money, which comes through sales, probably heavily through gift registries. I get it. But needless to say, we scanned a $200+ pillow聽each in store that I knew we would be deleting online. Just know this will happen ahead of time and you’re golden.

Some examples of things we scanned and came home that night and deleted online:

  • The $200+ pillows (my mom asked if they could also clean the house at this price when I told her, ha!)
  • The $249 sheets that Kevin insisted on scanning (mine were $79 and softer…just sayin’)
  • The gorgeous silver polka dot Kate Spade dinnerware that is just not necessary – it was way overpriced and would only be used for “special occasions” anyway…of which we have very few.
  • The everyday dinnerware that I scanned – I wasn’t in love with it and ‘scanned it just in case’ in the store.
    Tip: When purchasing nicer dinnerware, a lot of it is not microwave safe because it has metal in the decor. Something to watch out for if you’re like me and are afraid of accidently putting it in the microwave anyway!

3. Add the things you really want or need, and don’t be shy!

I was looking most forward to finding these things in store because I knew our tiny wishlist wasn’t everything we truly wanted or needed, it was just what all we could think of. The items below are ones we came across and had that “ah-ha” moment:

  • Ninja Coffee Bar – one that has a frother for me to make my Starbucks聽Matcha Lattes in-house (well, I do now, but these never taste as good).
  • Pizza stone – a Kevin pick; how do we not have one already?
  • Cast iron skillet – Kevin has been dying for one since we use our cast iron griddle so much.
  • Rolling pin – for all the doughy recipes I’ve been making lately
  • Pressure cooker – my best friend’s mom just got one and swears by it!
  • Aria smart scale by Fitbit – I’ve been wanting one for literally years, added!
  • Martini glasses – doesn’t hurt to have a set on hand for girl’s night, especially if you’re a cocktail drinker like myself.
  • Spice cabinet organizer – this will change the game.
    Tip: I don’t recommend spice racks. I wanted one for the longest time but my mom made a good point: you lose track of how old those spices are, unless you keep the original bottles (which defeats the purpose) and it’s one more thing sitting on your counter. Go for an in-cabinet organizer if you can!

General Advice

Just a few more nuggets for you to know before hitting the store:

  • They’ll always show you more expensive items first, keep an eye open for all options.
  • Don’t let anyone convince you that you like something; if you find yourself struggling to find use or a spot in your home for it, pass on it.
  • If you’re on the fence just scan it, but plan to review all items with your fiance online in the next day or two after visiting the store for actual want/need.
  • Be respectful (and realistic) about what you’re asking for (i.e. assess if you really need that $200+ pillow, and if your guests will think you’re crazy for even having it on there).
  • The store visit is not your only shot to get it right. You can edit online聽super easily at all of the big box retailers, so don’t have any remorse about scanning or not scanning an item, you can change your mind later!
  • I’m registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. Both stores have some great advantages, so I recommend either or ideally, both:
    • Bed Bath & Beyond: regular coupons in the mail and you can opt in via email. To quote a friend who previously registered there, “I believe in the power of a 20% off coupon.” Gift or not, there’s no need to pay more for the exact same item.
    • Target: 5% off everyday if you’re a RedCard holder. Prices seem to be lower than BB&B, generally. Plus, you never know what coupons might come up on the app!
      For the couple themselves:聽all items on your Target registry are 15% off for you guys to buy yourselves the week of your wedding if not purchased already. Kev and I are going to add any items we still might need at the time to secure them for 15% off!
  • Registering at multiple places may cause product overlap but no communication between stores, so be sure you only register for an item聽on only one list.
  • Another advantage to registering at a few places is shopping for the best cost. My KitchenAid mixer is 22% less expensive at Target (before that extra 5% for RedCard members), so I’m registering for it there. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Your guests will surely appreciate not overpaying for items too.
  • Don’t go to the store alone. You’re not getting married by yourself, bring your other half so you both have equal say in the registry (even if it means letting them hang on to the scanner for most of the trip 馃檪 )

What are some of your biggest registry raves or regrets?

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