Our new thermal bedroom curtains

thermal white curtains

Is your bedroom cold? If you live in an urban area, especially if you’re in an apartment or condo, chances are your place gets cold in the winter. I’ve lived that life long enough to know that it’s just what happens with a cute, classic older building. My condo, while recently updated, was originally built in 1922, and can be pretty chilly in the wintertime. We’re on the top floor corner unit, and our bedroom is one of those corners, so 2 walls and the ceiling are exterior-facing which means extra chill.

Our curtains

I won’t be too repetitive with my details since I did touch on the new curtains in the Cuddl Duds Christmas post, but these curtains were purchased with far more than Christmas in mind. We’d been talking about getting new curtains for a while because the coral ones didn’t age quite as long as I thought they might (they we’re a little too pink-looking for Kev after while). The white just brings in more light when the room is opened up and can be used for years and decor to come, even if we change everything else about the room, so it was a safe purchase.

We were not budging on the blackout feature either; we value our beauty sleep in this house. We not only found white blackout curtains (which are pretty hard to find), but also thermally insulating ones! Ultimately we purchased Sun Zero Hylan Thermal Lined Blackout Curtains from Kohl’s for an absolute steal. I literally had to double check I had the right items in my shopping cart before hitting Submit Order because the price was crazy low.

Tips: Before you buy

Always measure. I almost hit purchase on the 63″ curtains, then paused and got up to measure “just in case” and thankfully I did because I needed the 84″ ones! Never guess when you can quickly measure and save the hassle of returning online orders.

Check your curtain rod. Will it work with the type of curtain you’re buying? If you have grommet loops like my new curtains do, then you just need to make sure you have a straight rod (versus cafe clips or a bar with several supports).

Do you need a blackout curtain panel? Be sure to check the level of light blocking your particular panel will do. The biggest misconception is light filtering versus light blocking. It’s easy to see light filtering and be like “oh cool, this should do it” but it’s really just to block some of the light. Why this is an option I’m not entirely sure, but it’s not the same as blackout or light blocking. Be sure to check all labels before committing.

The savings

  • Originally $39.99 x 6 panels
  • On sale for $15.99 (60% before my coupon!)
  • Had a 25% off coupon (random for Kohl’s, but I’ll take it!) to bring it down to $11.99 each
  • With tax ($4.50) and shipping (free) my total spend was $76.45
  • Plus, I even earned some Kohl’s Cash to spend on literally anything else later!

That breaks down to $12.75 per panel, all in, for blackout, thermal lined, quality curtains.

kohls screenshot

How are they working out?

I’ve been monitoring the difference because I’m always curious to know if a solution really did the trick, but especially in this case since the dog sleeps right under one of the windows and I don’t want him to freeze! Turns out, they do a nice job of keeping the space a little warmer (remember, they’re curtains, it won’t be a dramatic difference since they don’t form a seal around your window). As far as energy savings, I’m sure the difference is small, if any, to be honest, but that wasn’t really why we purchased them. The light blocking could be a little bit better on these particular curtains, but since we also have blinds on the windows, the two together get the job done perfectly.

Overall, they look MUCH better than the coral ones. What was I thinking?? Probably that it was such a nice coastal/summery look..not accounting for seasonal change 🙂


As usual, I can’t wait to see what is coming next for our little tree-top escape! Hopefully an easily plugged in (and out) bright accent for the spring time?? #staytuned



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