A Very Cuddl Duds Christmas: Holiday Bedroom Transformation

When we went home for Thanksgiving, I immediately zeroed in on Kevin’s mom’s new throw blanket, because:
1) It was red and black buffalo check/flannel patterned – aka my fave holiday print
2) I am always freezing and OMG, it was out of this world comfortable!

She told me it was Cuddl Duds and asked if I’d ever heard of them. Oh, you bet I have! I just thought they only made clothes (super wrong).

His mom then told me that she also got a whole Cuddl Duds flannel bed-in-a-bag set from Kohl’s too, and a lightbulb went off instantly. Kev and I have been talking about getting flannel sheets for winter time for the longest time, so I checked, and they indeed also carried red and black buffalo check flannel sheets! I immediately had the whole concept in my head and ready to go, just because I saw that blanket in his mom’s living room.

With that being said, I am so excited to share the design of our first-ever festive holiday bedroom!

The overall concept


Red and black buffalo check – a Christmas/holiday season classic, and one of my personal favorites. Combining this pattern with a bunch of simple and/or white accents we got to our finished product.

Throw what you know

The little bugger that started it all: the red/black checked throw blanket.


This may be the warmest, cuddle-ready blanket I’ve ever laid hands on. No lie. It comes in a few different patterns, too. If you’re constantly cold like I am, I highly recommend going to Kohl’s and checking it out for yourself. I bought mine after using Kev’s mom’s blanket one time!

White curtains


We’ve been talking about getting new curtains for a while because the coral ones didn’t age quite as long as I thought they might (they we’re a little too pink-looking for Kev after while). They can be seen here if you need to reference. The white just brings in more light and can be used for years to come, even if we change everything else about the room, so it was a safe purchase.

The headline here is the unbelievable deal I scored on these high-quality curtains. Kev and I needed a total of six 54×84 white blackout panels. We were not budging on the blackout either; we value our beauty sleep in this house. We not only found white blackout curtains (which are pretty hard to find), but also thermally insulating ones!

We scored 6 panels of the Sun Zero Hylan Thermal Lined Blackout Curtains for a cool $12.75 each, including tax, shipping, everything! I literally double checked to make sure I ordered the right product, that’s how in shock I was. For starters though, we caught them on sale (normally $39.99 each – curtains are expensive), plus I had a 25% off coupon on my app.

The numbers speak for themselves:

kohls screenshot

And I earned another $10 back in Kohl’s Cash. It just doesn’t get any better. If you own a home, you need a Kohl’s card.

The comforter

We still really like the coral, grey and white duvet that I made, but it definitely wasn’t going to match the seasonal red and black sheets. Luckily, I planned ahead for this before I even knew I’d need to, and made the back side of our duvet 100% plain white, which goes perfectly with oh, just about anything!

For the record, the dog pillow isn’t Cuddl Duds, but Kev picked it out and it made the PERFECT centerpiece on the finished product, so it was a must-buy. Plus, it lights up if you flip the switch!


And don’t think for a second I was going to just take a bunch of pictures without someone demanding a few features…Bickell is also a huge fan of the new linens!



Cuddl Duds throw pillows


I own six and only have enough seating in my living room for 4, technically. I don’t know how else to convey that these are so amazing that you can’t have too many! I also got these for a real steal: under $10/each for the smaller, 18×18 ones (pictured), and less than $12/each for the 24×24 ones. They come in lots of colors, too. Kevin’s mom ended up going back and getting some very festive red ones for her living room, but I elected to stick with khaki because it will match my living room year-round.

A relaxing scent


Because, always candles. I talked briefly on Twitter about how great this scent is, and I stand by it. A nice, relaxing scent in the bedroom is an absolute essential if you’re a busy bee, especially at year-end/around the holidays.

Fleece pajama pants

I have been living in these Cuddl Duds jammie pants this season! Super comfy and also found at Kohl’s. Only about $12 on sale (like how everything in the store is always on sale) and possibly a little less even, with a coupon.


I sure hope you’ve found some fun inspiration for your next festive home undertaking. Don’t forget to share with the group on social media using @foodwinediy and #foodwindiy!

Happy Holidays,
to you and your loved ones,
from Ashley at foodwinediy ❤

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