A Peek Into My Holiday Kitchen


Just a few small notions can turn your entire kitchen a holiday haven!

I know there are much more extravagant holiday setups out there, but that’s not what I’m about these days. I’m about the littlest spend for the biggest impact. Afterall, I live in a condo, not a mansion. I don’t have room to store a second set of everything just for use during 2 months of the year!

While I’m still bringing back my usual holiday repurposables, I also have a few new additions to show off this year:

Top of the cabinet lighting


Provides enough light to get around the kitchen at night, but not so much that you have to wake out of your Netflix-binging daze.

Full disclosure: I’ll be keeping these up year round #FTW

Light-up garland on the window (or doorway)

It’s simple, festive, can be done low-cost and it won’t be in your way. Checks all the boxes, am I right? (also pictured above)

Want to kick it up a notch? Hang some simple, sparkly ornaments from the garland. Some silver and/or gold sparkly ball ornaments would look great and give a beautiful glimmer in the sunlight!

Seasonal cookie jars


This mostly comes from me taking my normal glass cookie jar and making it an ornament display, but I stand by it. I got this jar for $5 at Target last year and is the perfect pet lover’s seasonally relevant cookie (or treat) jar!

It’s not too huge to store, and you can even make additional storage out of it for ornaments or other small pieces of decor that you don’t want loose in your storage bins all year.

Festive scented three-wick candle


Looks aren’t everything – the room has to smell welcoming, too. Merry Mimosa in a festive red jar sure does the trick for this gal (found in the White Barn collection at Bath & Body Works).

Upcycled three-wick candle goodie jars

And once you’re done with that Merry Mimosa red candle jar…


I talked about these in a post last month but I have to stress what a worth-while craft this is again. All I did was swap out the three lids that I had fall goodies in, and viola – it was a brand new season and a brand new set of decor. Start cleaning those jars out with my quick and easy guide here.

Plug-in air freshener

Candles not your thing? Need something more constant that isn’t a total fire hazard when left alone? Boom. I have one of these for each season – my little holiday skating penguin included!


Have one (or a couple) main focal areas

Let’s talk strategy once you have all of your goodies.

While I love having a ton of festive stuff, I try to keep it to a few areas to keep the clutter down. This also helps to keep the room functional and not junky looking, especially in a room as busy and highly functioning as your kitchen.


Show me what your space looks like with #foodwinediy on Insta or Twitter – I can’t wait to see!


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