Lip Moisturizer Review



I have to admit, I don’t have dry or cracked lips on the reg as-is because I’m such a moisturizing maniac, but they didn’t get this way by doing nothing about it.

This post isn’t a ‘which product healed my dry and cracked lips’ testimonial, but rather a ‘here’s what I experienced when I made each of these products my regular moisturizing routine’ testimonial, so you can make an informed decision on a new product, for those of you in the market.

I wore each of these products for one week exclusively to get a real feel for what each has to bring to the table, here’s what I found:


Week One

LipSense – Moisturizing Gloss
by SeneGence

My lips LOVED this treatment. I am always skeptical of costly beauty products “really being worth it” but this one has certainly proved it’s worth. To date I still usually put on at least one coat a day of the gloss. Their Glossy Glossis their most moisturizing blend, but there are at least a dozen different variations if you’re looking for something to wear out as makeup.

– Felt incredibly moisturized and healthy
– Also has color options to complement the gloss
– One tube lasts the 4-6 months that the consultants boast, if not longer (I’m going into 7 months and am just about at the bottom of my first tube)
– Only felt the need to apply 1-2 times daily, particularly after brushing teeth at night, but in a more proactive manner than to heal

– Each tube of gloss is $20
– Each tube of color is $25
– Can’t use any other gloss with their color
– Not tested by me, but I’ve heard that other lip color products will stick to the LipSense gloss wands, unlike LipSense colors
– No known SPF content


Week Two

Your Lip Addiction – Tinted Lip Oil Treatment
by Julep

By day 2 my lips were severely flaking. I couldn’t tell at first if this was because I had stopped using the LipSense gloss or if this oil treatment is not a suitable product for daily moisturization, but I am pretty sure it is the latter (which later proved correct). Prior to this experiment I would only use this product 3 times a week or so before bed almost as a ‘lip mask’ and LOVED it. I think that may be the best intended use, not daily and certainly not multiple times a day.

– Comes in several color tints, including clear
– Great when used as a treatment once or twice a week, not a daily moiturization regemin

– Feels oily (obviously, but just not the best feeling)
– Pricier: $22 for non Julep Mavens (subscribers), $17.60 for Mavens
– Feels oily versus cleanly moisturizing
– No known SPF content

Pro Tip: if you’re a Julep subscriber (Maven) you can also add any of these to your monthly customized box of 3 items for $24.99 (or less if you’ve been a long-time subscriber), making the overall price for the Lip Oil even less! Use my link for your first month free if you want to give it a try.


Week Three

Chap•Aid (Chapstick generic)
by Walgreens

I forgot that I never buy Chapstick brand lip balm because the generic is identical and considerably less money, so this is what I used for the ‘Chapstick’ product in my 4-week experiment.

After the Julep oil, I used the LipSense gloss for a few days to restore my lips before moving straight into the Chap•Aid, like a control, to get more accurate results.

A few days into using the Chap•Aid and I felt much better than with the Julep oil. My lips weren’t chapping but they didn’t feel as moisturized as they did with the LipSense. I’m starting to really feel the difference- the waxy products will keep the moisture in, to a degree, but I don’t think they do much to improve the current state. They’re mostly preventative, not proactive, if that makes sense.

– Inexpensive, approximately $1.00-$1.50
– Variety of flavors
– Will suffice if you want protection but don’t need moisturization
– SPF 4, low but present

– More of a current-moisture-sealant than hydration improver
– Doesn’t add much/any moisturization to lips
– Felt the need to apply preventatively 3-4 times daily


Week Four

Smooth Sphere Lip Balm
by Eos

– Full of Shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil to add moisturization
– Inexpensive, approximately $2.50-$3.50
– Variety of flavors and colors of packaging

– No known SPF content
– Not as moisturizing as expected but not the worst product I’ve used, a good middle ground between quality and cost
– I’ve noticed after while the balm has an overly waxy smell to it, not appealing

My overall redommendation? The LipSense gloss.

It’s only big con for me is that one tube is $20, but if you’re only investing in it once or twice a year it’s really worth it for the results. You also don’t have to purchase the colors, you can wear the gloss solo, and it can even just be used in the morning and/or night if you’re only looking for hydration. LipSense Consultants will tell you that you can’t really wear other products when using LipSense, but I definitely have (can’t just leave my beloved Julep balms!) and nothing was impacted.

Some other options for getting back to those lucious, vibrant lips, if you’re in dire straits, include lip masks and scrubs. I’ve always been a big fan of the Mary Kay Satin Lips Mask and Balm combo. It does a really great job scrubbing off dead skin and leaving you with a healthy, full pout.

Have a routine you love?

Please share it! Comment below or hit social media with #foodwinediy. I’m always open to trying a new routine to find what works best for me (which might also help someone else out, too 🙂 ).

Comments Always Welcome:

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