The Fall Candy Jar You Already Own

Yet another great use for all of your empty three-wick candles jars, decorative candy storage! These are great year-round, but Bath & Body Works has especially cute copper lids for their fall candles, as you’ll see featured here.


It’s as simple as cleaning out the wax and removing the labels, which does entail a little elbow grease but isn’t too daunting. I read an article on Pinterest last year, and now for me it’s as easy as grabbing the Goo Gone and letting them sit in my sink and soak (a how-to on that coming later this week).pumpkin-fall-copper-candy-jarWhat makes this re-use particularly fun, my furry assistant demonstrates, is the con vexed pumpkin design on the copper-colored lid. It is specific to fall and looks like a sought out piece of decor versus an easy DIY project.

This same concept works for winter. Bath & Body always has festive lids and jars for the holiday season. I have some with snowflakes that I’ll be using for next season’s candy dish! Come spring I’ll be hunting for spring-to-summer lidded candles, too.bickell-husky-candy-jar-dogM&M’s are the perfect example because food should never just sit out (especially if you have pets) but don’t need to be stored in an extra special way. Not to mention, the 1 lb bag is the right size to fill the space and these are fall colored in a clear jar, just screaming festive AF right now.

Another fun use I came across when the bag for mine broke – dog treat containers! They’re air tight, so there’s no reason you can’t store those in these fun jars, too!candy-jar-three-wick-featuredHold on to all those fun lids and jars – coming soon will be the guide on how to quickly and easily clean the jars out for re-use. Soon enough you’ll have candy/treat jars for every season!

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