A quick note on my first Wheatgrass Shot

I had no intention of writing anything about taking this wheatgrass shot, but as I looked back through my Instagram I thought about how peculiar it was, and wanted to share in case you’re out there wondering about it too.


From my brunch date at Eggsperience in Glenview, IL

I arrived late to the restaurant (shocker, right?) but as any brunch-champion would, I had my order locked and loaded within minutes anyway. However, I couldn’t decide on a morning beverage for some reason, and I think it may have been because I was really thrown off by the eye-catching feature – a wheatgrass shot – in the middle of the menu page.

Have you ever seen a brunch place featuring a wheatgrass shot to start your day?

I’m sure it’s not terribly strange, I’d just never seen it before. I’m a new experience junkie though, so this was a no brainer. Plus, I had just a touch of a hot dog and Lemonad-a-rita hangover from Lincoln Park’s Hot Dog Fest the night before, so anything telling me I would feel better was going to have me flinging my money around Oprah style.

How was it?

Have you ever smelled a wheatgrass shot before? It smells AWFUL. Liked you shoved an entire lawn in your nose, dirt and all. Not the nice fresh-cut grass smell, either.

I ordered it though, so I either take it or it’s a waste of the $3.99 I already spent and the shot that was already made. #YOLO, right?

It didn’t taste bad at all, actually. Especially after taking a whiff of it beforehand, my expectations we’re that it’d be just terrible but it was very neutral. It tasted a little vegetative as you might expect, but if you feel like the benefits are worth it then it’s an easy choice – just don’t smell it before taking it.

Eggsperience serves their shots with orange and lemon wedges, neither of which I felt I needed from the shot, but dove right into the incredibly fresh orange wedge anyway.

Did you feel better afterwards?

Not immediately, it’s not magic, it’s wheatgrass. But I did feel like I had more energy than I had earlier that morning. And I certainly felt good about giving something so inherently healthy and natural a try.

What are the benefits?

The menu mentioned being rich in several vitamins and detoxifying properties, but I also looked into it on mayoclinic.org afterwards to see a more extensive and credible list of benefits. Wheatgrass is a common smoothie additive (making a mental note..) and contains a concentrated amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, C, and E. While there’s not been extensive research on wheatgrass, fanatics have claimed they see improved immunity and digestive health from regular consumption.

Given it’s surprisingly mild taste I think it would make a really great booster to your smoothie, especially those bolder flavors like strawberry or pomegranate.

I stand by my ‘weekends are for wellness’ mindset.

Try doing or adding something healthy to every weekend. It doesn’t have to be a wheatgrass shot, or even new; just healthy. Maybe eat more fruit or vegetables or spoil your skin.

Because without your health, what else do you plan to accomplish?


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