5 Ways to Use Working from Home to Your Health’s Advantage

Even in today’s laissez-faire office culture there are some things that just aren’t a norm [yet]. However, some very small, quick things that you can comfortably do at home, that you may not normally get to in your office, can really improve your health and wellbeing.

ways-use-work-from-home-health-advantageNo makeup required

Give your skin a break and go without makeup for the day. While there is plenty of good makeup out there, some that even boast being more beneficial to your skin than no makeup at all, it’s still ‘stuff’ you’re putting on to your face. Stick with your moisturizer solo on WFH days to let your beautiful skin breathe.

To take it a step further, you can make yourself a nice face mask (I have so many laying around from my Birchbox’s, I really need to get to using those) to really pamper yourself while you’re on that hour-long conference call.


Eat an actual breakfast

Make a well-rounded breakfast for a change. You don’t have a long commute, so you can still get ahead on sleep while getting up with time to cook yourself a filling meal. No La Boulange sandwiches for this lady on WFH days.

Need some inspiration? Try any (or all) of these:

Delicious Avocado Toast recipes
Loaded Breakfast Potatoes

Texas Toast French Toast聽(for the really ambitious remote workers)
Breakfast Skillets (a meal today, plus some prepped meals for the rest of the week)

Brush your teeth more

Brush your teeth after meals doesn’t always happen at work – the office bathroom may not be the most comfortable place to get your dental hygiene on. When you’re at home though, you don’t have to feel awkward about jumping right in and freshening up after lunch or even your snacks.

Hit the gym before work

If your gym is near home you can also use your lack of commute to get a pre-work sweat in, which may be extra important if you don’t have any time that night to hit the gym after work. Plus, without cubemates to complain you can save the shower for your lunch break, to really optimize that sleep (can you tell I really love my sleep?).



Prep a healthy meal for dinner

Being at home to monitor a slow-cooker meal, or even starting a meal with a lot of prep early, can really change your dinner game. Slow-cookers are designed to sit all day, but sometimes the meals don’t always turn out great because they were cooked too long or vice versa but being just a room away can prevent those problems.

My homemade sushi is also a real possibility since you will be home at lunch time to boil up the rice and toss in the fridge for dinner that night. #treatyoself

Being at home during the day also allows for my聽Pink Pasta Sauce (or the red sauce alone) to simmer longer, to bring out a richer flavor.

If you’re lucky enough to have flexible work arrangements I highly recommend using them to better your health and your productivity in general. My commute is 60 minutes each way, and I don’t waste a second of the extra 2 hours I get on my work from home days.

I’d love to hear what everyone else does with their extra time! Let me know in the comments or with #foodwinediy on social media.


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