One-Step Wine Cork Coasters


Do you have a stash of old wine corks just lying around? Or maybe they’re serving a decorative purpose in a fun-shaped, metal-framed encasement, but it’s getting full? Guilty, on both accounts.

The How To

I was in the market for some new coasters and decided I’d rather pull out the ole’ glue gun and make some. It was as easy as just gluing them together, once I’d decided exactly how I’d like them to lay.

Setting up a little work station before firing up that glue gun is never a bad idea either:

  1. Gather 8 corks to group together per coaster
  2. Lay them out in pairs based on preference – I tried to mix patterns and keep lettering all facing just two different directions, to give an idea for guidelines
  3. Glue the pairs together as desired based on the patterns/preference, let them dry
  4. Arrange them in a square pattern, 2 sets horizontal and 2 sets vertical (see picture below step 5 for reference)
  5. Glue the 4 sets together, adding extra glue to the bottom since that will endure the least perspiration from your drinks, no one will really see it, and it will help keep the craft together:


    (no one sees the bottom anyway)

  6. Let them dry for about 15 minutes before using

Other Thoughts and Suggestions

I’ve explored the idea of adding little pins in them for added support but ultimately decided absolutely not. Do you have pets? Or even teething kids? If they decide they want to have a little cork snack they could really get hurt. And I know my little fur baby sometimes has a taste for cork because my old cork coasters (purchased) went from a set of 6 to a set of 3, hence, here I am making new ones!


My goal was to have a few of these done before we host our Fantasy Football league’s Draft Party, which I did, so my nice dark wood table doesn’t endure an untimely fate of ‘beer sweat.’

There’s not much else to it but to do! If you have corks and a glue gun you’re already 75% of the way there, so get to crafting. These easy to make beauties hold both your wine and fond memories, my favorite kind of decor.

Comments Always Welcome:

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