Teavana Shaken Iced Tea Infusions Review

Teavana Shaken Iced Tea

Who doesn’t love freebies? Especially if our bff Starbucks is the one with the handouts?

These new flavor-filled infusions are definitely worth a try tomorrow during their Free Tea Friday promotion.

As a former Teavana employee from back-in-the-day I had high expectations, and they were surprisingly far exceeded this time. This line is here to stay, it’s not just a temporary launch, and I’m pretty happy about it.

I have one of the sweetest tooths I know, and I don’t even need sugar to enjoy these guys. As I picked up my strawberry-infused green tea for the first sip, had my eyes been closed I would have thought I was standing in a strawberry field, it’s seriously that bold.

I’ve also read that you can mix and match your types of tea with your flavor infusions. if you like black tea but prefer a strawberry infusion? No worries, just let your barista know.

Prefer to mobile order? Starbucks still has us all covered. It’s as easy as swapping out your flavor infusion on the Order tab:


But how healthy are these infusions? Probably some of the healthiest, actually.

You can eliminate the 11g of sugar completely by opting out of the 4 pumps of liquid cane sugar on the Order tab (trust me, you really don’t need it). They’ll also ask you as you’re ordering in-store if you want it sweetened or not, and those cane sugar pumps are what they’re referencing.

Still hesitant to nix the sweetener all together?

Try this: order a tall the first time, grab a Splenda packet and give it a sip sans sweetener. That’s what I did and the Splenda packet is still sitting on my desk hours later.


You may know by now how I feel about green tea and even Starbucks’ matcha (hint: it’s love) but I think I may have found a new afternoon go-to. With only 25mg (green and black tea) or 20mg (white tea) of caffeine in a grande they are ideal for the caffeine sensitive crowd. Plus, you can also always move down to a tall or up to a venti based on just how long work has been that day. #halp

FullSizeRender 46

Did you give the new line a try? Let me know at #foodwinediy on social media – and don’t skimp on those Insta-worthy tea photos!


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