Easy Matcha Green Tea Latte

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I have accidentally given up coffee in 2017.

I didn’t mean to, I just realized a few months in that I hadn’t had any all year and kind of ran with the idea. Ironically, I then also saw article on how celebrities had given up coffee in lieu of a daily glass of matcha, and thought I’d run with the cool kids, since I already had my shoes on.

While I love my daily dose of Starbucks matcha drinks, it just isn’t economically smart for the long game, I took to creating my own homemade version.

It’s WAY easier than you think, so listen up.

Step 1: Find your matcha

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Check the internet: Pinterest, your daily email digests or wellness blogs for reviews on the best types of matchas. There is a ton of material out there on the different grades – ceremonial, premium, etc. so be sure to read up on what level of quality it is you are interested in for your use.

Step 2: How to mix the matcha

Matcha is different from a loose leaf tea in the sense that you are actually ingesting the tea leaves in a ground down, powder form. The health benefits are returned ten-fold by actually ingesting the leaves versus just steeping, but that also comes with a slightly different prep process.


While I love my electric mixer from Teavana, that is by no means necessary. Bamboo whisks are the traditional tool but aren’t as effective as the electronic whisks, especially for a latte on-the-go. In a pinch you can use a regular whisk but the powder may not mix as fine. I recommend investing in a bamboo or electric one if you find you enjoy making your own matcha lattes/beverages.

For every 1tsp of matcha (which is all you need for one 16oz iced, or 12oz hot latte), mix into 2tsp of hot water. I heated my 2oz of water in a glass mug in the microwave for 1 minute, then stirred in the teaspoon of matcha, stirring with my whisk. Read: this can be done easily at work!

Step 3: Mixing in the milk and flavor

Hot lattes are a little trickier because you don’t have a way to steam the milk at home, but that can also be heated either on the stove or warmed in the microwave. Once they are heated separately you can mix them together. If prepared at home on the stove you can scoop some foam from the heated milk to top off your beverage!

Iced lattes are a cinch, though. The cold milk and ice will easily bring the latte cool quickly. Once you have the 2oz of matcha mixed, pour over ice and mix in to the milk.

Psst…try it with soy! I don’t have any dairy allergies but soy has become my new favorite milk since I’ve been hitting the gym more frequently. The plant-based protein in Silk soy milk is a great additional source of fuel.

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Want to add some flavor to your latte? Add in a few pumps of your favorite syrup and some splendas for some extra flavor (my daily go-to is vanilla).

FullSizeRender 83


Experiment with the different flavors to add some variety to your daily dose of antioxidants. Share your favorites on social media using #foodwinediy!

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