Gardening in less than 100 square feet


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No matter the size of your outdoor space there’s a way to fit in a few garden basics.

My deck is approximately 64 square feet, laid out in an 8′ x 8′ square shape, with a little extra to the side by the stairs where we keep our grill. It’s not a huge space but it’s much more than you might think at first sight.

This summer I plan to have both flowers and vegetables growing on my third floor deck without sacrificing any entertaining or relaxing space.

With the amount we like to grill out for dinner during the warmer seasons, giving up the grill space was an immediate non-option. We also wanted to ensure we still had a place to relax and sit outside when we wanted (hello top floor sun deck), so giving up even one chair wasn’t happening. Then I realized, why give up anything?

No need for sacrifice – it can all fit.

Whether you want flowers, vegetables or just some greenery to fill some extra space, you can have it. I’ve compiled some of my favorite suggestions with some fun finds to get your inspiration flowing. Check it out:

Small Space Garden Options

  • Magnetic planters: good for succulents and herbs that only need a little room, you can even bring these indoors (I have a coworker who has one on their white board)
  • Vertical planter trellises: these can have several pots and can take up to as little as about 1sq ft of floor space
    • You can try your hand at making a trellis with hanging planters as seen here or search Pinterest for some great inspo here
  • Small planters on tables: (a la my red pale, leafy greens planters below) these can serve as decoration as well as functional gardens
  • Hanging planters: these take up no floor space whatsoever, and don’t even have to take up air space over your deck if hung over the edge #score

Pro Tip: Label the plants if you don’t think you’ll remember what planters hold which seeds. No shame there, and you’re much better off in case a certain plant needs special attention, more water than another, etc.

The inserts that come with flowers are a great, free way to label your planted seeds.

A slightly more decorative version of that is simply using a colorful popsicle stick. Given my crafting tendencies I had a package of brightly colored popsicle sticks lying around for just the occasion.


Have some small outdoor space tricks up your own sleeve?


Share your creative gardening adventures on social media using #foodwinediy, I’m always looking to add some more great ideas to my posts and share a link back.

More gardening tips and tricks to come as this good weather only gets better!


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