Unicorn Frappuccino: As Amazing as its Name and How to Make it Healthier

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I heard mostly ill reviews of this buzzy treat. Mostly just the “it has 59g of sugar” comments. I suppose I shouldn’t have let that affect my opinion pre-tasting, but I braced myself none the less and boy, was that not necessary.

Just a quick disclaimer: I’m not here to tell you it’s healthy, I’m here to tell you it’s delicious.

Quick Facts

  • Yes, there is 59g of sugar in a grande
  • The sour flavor people are talking about is in the sprinkle topping, above the whip
  • The main body of the frapp is very fruity and sweet, not really sour at all
  • It is 410 calories for the standard grande (which is not as bad as I thought) and can easily be cut down to fewer calories and sugar

It’s kind of like drinking a sour patch kid, in reverse. It starts off sweet, delicious and amazing but the topping on the whipped cream?


All was merry until I hit the whip, but thankfully I was warned by a coworker right before I finished my delicious treat that this would be the case, so I enjoyed the drink and the topping separately (read: I enjoyed the drink and disposed of the topping).

Overall Impression?

A real win, honestly! I’d give it a 9 out of 10, with negative points for the terribly high sugar and strange sour topping, but those are both semi-simple fixes. Read on…

The Nutrition

The advertised drink is a grande Unicorn Frappuccino with no special alterations:

FullSizeRender 67

Might look a little rough, it definitely did to me. But, as I would suggest to anyone short of someone with a known health risk, don’t let a little sugar hold you back from living your life. I’m not suggesting one of these daily, but to try one while it

The Good News – It Gets Healthier

Don’t want to size down? Ordering the Unicorn Frappuccino without whip alone eliminates 120 calories, plus an extra 10 if you opt for soy instead of dairy, bringing your colorful treat down to 280 calories and 55g of sugar (it’s a start):

FullSizeRender 68

Want to take it s step further? A tall frapp cuts the damage down by a significant amount more and honestly, the beverage is pretty sweet as is, something tells me you’ll still get your sugar fix with 4oz less.

This option will bring you down almost a whopping 220 calories and 22g less of sugar; that is 38% less sugar than the original 59g count (it’s still not healthy to have on the reg, but it’s far better than the alternatives if you want to give this delicious drink a try – and I still believe you should, #treatyoself).

FullSizeRender 66

The big take-away? Don’t swirl the entire drink together, despite what some of the official Starbucks advertising says… *ahem*

FullSizeRender 64

The only thing swirling this drink will do is mix “sour birthday cake” (a good description provided by my coworker) with a delicious, fruity treat.

Skip the whip and enjoy a well-deserved treat before it’s gone! Available April 19 through April 23.


Regardless of the sugar or calories, at least we can rest easy knowing that only the finest rainbows were used in our fruity concoctions, all thanks to the Starbucks in my office building!

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Share your gorgeous unicorns to social media and let me know what you thought using #foodwinediy

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