Avocado Spreads


Having never been a fan of jelly, peanut butter, or just plain butter on toast or bagels I immediately run to the cream cheese option a.k.a. the most unhealthy option. Not very ideal for someone who is trying to hit the gym several mornings a week, or even anyone who just wants something healthy to grab quickly before work.


Like avocado or guacamole? You may want to read on.

Southwestern Cheesy Spread


I mixed in one wedge of Asiago Laughing Cow Cheese (a page out of the cheese trumps butter playbook), initially because it was all I had home, but it will forever be my go-to. It tastes phenomenal with the avocado and thanks to Laughing Cow’s cheese always being perfectly spreadable it was nice and easy to work into the avocado without excessive mashing or shredding.

Savory Salsa Spread


I added about a tablespoon of leftover salsa (literally just leftover from our takeout the night before and I didn’t want to waste it) and a touch of Himalayan Pink Salt for taste…and that’s it. And it was amazing. I imagine it would taste incredible with any salsa so try a few to find your favorite!

I thought for sure I’d like the cheesier spread better of the two because of my draw towards love affair with all things cheese, but this mix was basically a non-hassle, zesty guacamole spread for my toast, which is hard to beat.


Healthy on-the-go breakfast options shouldn’t have the be hassle. A quick mix of a few ingredients into some mashed avocado will check all the boxes.

√ Quick
√ Healthy
√ Delicious

This is another very versatile recipe of mine. The base is really just the avocado and the possibilities for flavors are endless. I used the southwestern cheesy spread on my turkey sandwich one day during lunch also instead of mayo for dressing and it was uh-mazing! Don’t rule the avocado option out for the other two meals, they may just surprise you there too!

Share your creations with me using #foodwinediy on social media so I can give them a spin, too!

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