Basic Cushioned Bench Makeover

If you’re not happy with something, change it!


Just a small piece of advice for life and your furniture.

I’m a big advocate of reusing items you already have to save yourself the money for other beautiful things that you want but don’t already have. It’s like having your cake and also having your ice cream – delicious.

Start by flipping the bench over and assessing what is holding it all together. Ideally, it is not all connected in a permanent fashion, because frankly, that’d be a whole different process.

Luckily, in my case it was 8 semi-long screws. I’m redoing this same bench for the second time now; the first time I used a common Phillips-head screwdriver which worked just fine. This time around Kevin has a nice drill that I put him to work with and he had them out and back assembled in about 5 minutes each time.

I then picked out my new fabric from Walmart for under $4 (and still had extra). A single-person bench does not cost much to redo folks.

To make sure it looks right on the finished product I recommend using a staple gun to adhere the new fabric to the back of the cushion. Sure, you’re going to screw in those 8 holes likely through the fabric, but it isn’t going to hold your corners back very tightly. Go with the staple gun, they’re not very expensive and you may find yourself re-upholstering other items because you love your new bench so much!

Need to repaint your bench also? Listen up.

Hot Tip: why buy more paint for the bench if you have it lying around? I used the same paint I used on my office walls for the bench. Saved money and have assurance that it matches the room, #winwin!

So the paint cost me $0 for this project because I had it home, but the first time I’m pretty sure I bought a can of black paint for maybe $10 and then of course had it to craft for other projects later.

Viola! You’re all set. Show me your fabulous refinishings using #foodwinediy


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