Bickell’s First Bark Box: A Review

Being an avid monthly box subscriber myself I posed the idea of getting one for Bickell for Christmas and Kevin was all about it. We just did the one month to see how it was and we ended up being pretty happy with the spoils it delivered!


They do have a users manual which explains what’s in the box and how the monthly subscriptions work for folks like us who have never done it before. You’ll also notice their branding is spot-on for the dog obsessed hoomans:


With the assist, pooch here was able to open the box and start rifling through his gifts. The assist was very small, he’s a pooch who knows what he’s looking for…


…and specifically, that was a pork chew.


As you can read the pork chew is all natural, with no fillers, by-products, or preservatives, which made me a lot more comfortable allowing him to eat something that I haven’t yet done extensive vetting on.


Working on that pork chew

Then we had some toys:


Shocker, he was not as interested in these immediately because they didn’t smell like pork. However, they are REALLY cute toys that seem extra durable, and also hilarious to the two-legged subscribers. I mean, we have a fake Ugg boot on the right and the toy on the left is a black bearskin rug with two squeakers in its butt cheeks – just amazing. Plus, he and my mom’s dogs do really like the crinkly flat toys, which the bear is, instead of the traditional fluffy stuffed ones.

(Some background) My sister currently works at a small mom-and-pop owned pet boutique back home that really backs the healthy dog food and homemade treats that they sell, and she recognized the Bixbi Bark Pops right away. They are essentially a smaller, bland version of Cheetohs Puffs (description per Kevin, who literally tries everything we feed Bickell.. “if I’m feeding it to him, I need to make sure it’s okay” excuse me while my heart melts). They are less than 4 calories per treat so you can feel less guilty about your pooch’s snacking. I put these out in a small dish on New Years Eve so that while my guests could enjoy my Rumchata Cake Pops, pooch could enjoy some white cheddar snacks instead of possible human food that guests might have been tempted to share.

The Koha Jerky Strips will be very much so enjoyed as well given his affinity towards the Pork Chew (which was gone within 10 minutes of opening his box), and they are grain-free which is wonderful considering most grains are just in food and treats as cheaper filler and not adding great value to your pet’s diet in the long run.


Plus, you have to appreciate a company with a sense of humor. This was printed inside of our box:


My only suggestion for improvement would be to offer bimonthly or quarterly subscriptions instead of just monthly. The boxes are full of so many (delicious) goodies that it’s almost too much for one 30lb dog to enjoy in 30 days while trying to maintain a healthy weight.


To try the pup-filled goodness that is Bark Box with a FREE first month included, use my link here to sign up!

I’d love to see everyone’s boxes and experiences, if you share your haul on social media use #foodwinediy so Bickell and I can admire the loot too!


Comments Always Welcome:

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