Rumchata Cakepops Recipe


I highly recommend a cakepop maker for anyone who plans to bake them at least a few times a year – SO easy, quick, and no need to heat up the oven, especially in the hot summer heat. End rave here.

Understanding that not that many folks have a cakepop maker on hand, you can do the same job below with these various silicon cakepop molds, which certainly also come at a lower cost, more justifiable if you don’t plan to make them terribly often.

Let’s talk ingredients..


Cake Ingredients

  • White cake mix (plus ingredients as directed on box, this particular list is below)
    • 3 eggs
    • 1/2 cup oil
    • 1 cup water – which is what you replace with the Rumchata
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla

Pre-heat your cakepop maker or oven ahead of the cake batter as necessary.

fullsizerender-25Prepare the cake mix as directed, replacing the water with Rumchata. I recommend using a batter bowl, or a bowl of some sort with a lip that will make pouring in to the individual molds easier. I got this really nice glass one at Walmart for $4.97.


Candy Coating Ingredients

  • 18oz of white candy melts, I used Wilton brand*
  • Microwave safe container** to melt candy

*I highly recommend Wilton. I started my candy melt journey with them and they are very easy to use. I have yet to see bags of candy melts for over $3 from any brand, so the price points are all pretty comparable. They are in fact slightly cheaper at Walmart if your local store carries Wilton, too. You can check where they distribute on their website.

**I also highly recommend their Candy Melting Bowls. I’m not one to fall victim to tailored products when I can use something for less or free, but these are more than worth it. They’re ceramic and keep the candy melted and warm (for up to a whole hour!) which in turn keeps it easy to work with. While they’re $10.99 at Michaels, I got them for 50% off with a coupon from their app, and so can you!

Anywho, to melt the candy you will follow the instructions on the bag or melting container if you have specialized melting bowls.

Coat and Decorate the Pops

I wish I had more pictures of this step, but my hands were a bit full.


The first thing I recommend is to dip the end of the cakepop stick in to the frosting and then in to the cakepop and let it dry for about 5-10 minutes. I did this with about 6 at a time and then moved on the to the frosting of the whole pop.

What didn’t work was just dipping the entire cake pop upside down in to the melted candy. The frosting on the inside was not adhesive enough and the pop fell off the stick immediately.

What worked well was taking a good amount of melted candy on a spoon and twirling the cake pop (while still on the stick) in to the frosting until fully covered from base to top.

With success, your pops will look a little something like this, give or take:


Don’t expect them to look perfectly smooth or mimic the Starbucks pops because its just not realistic, and they look all that more delicious this way (in my opinion). Plus, once you decorate you’ll hardly even notice the difference:



Did you make some of these delicious goodies for yourself? Share (at least the pictures!) with us using #foodwinediy on social media, I’d love to see your decoration!

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