Mint White Chocolate Coffee Recipe

Not a black coffee drinker? Me either. Try a delicious twist on a basic cup of coffee instead.

Mint White Chocolate Coffee

8-10 oz of your favorite, fresh brew

1/8 cup white chocolate chips

1 Andes mint

Splash of vanilla creamer, to taste

Splash of half & half, to taste

1 Peppermint circle (optional)

Pour the hot coffee into a mug, add the white chocolate chips and Andes mint. The ingredients will melt pretty fast in the hot coffee, stir to ensure they are all dissolved before proceeding. If you wish to add a peppermint candy, do so here.

**If you wish to make the drink iced, pour聽the hot coffee over ice in your cold beverage container now.

Next, add the splash of vanilla creamer. This step for me adds a bit more flavor to the end product, but doesn’t make it taste like vanilla. Then, add half & half to taste (I always add more half & half than the vanilla so as to not overdo the vanilla flavoring); stir until mixed.

Finally, enjoy by a nice seasonal candle or with some baked goodies!


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