Quick Fish Dish: Tilapia and Veggies

quick fish dish ft

A quick and healthy meal favorite of mine is the one fish/one side combo. I can’t boast enough how helpful it is to our (mine and Kevin’s) healthy diets to buy fresh fish in bulk at Costco to ensure we always have some home. Convenience is a huge reason why eating healthy gets passed up聽in聽our household (and other households), we simply didn’t have better choices at home at the time.

Today I made tilapia seasoned with garlic salt and Parmesan cheese, baked at 350掳 for 18-20 minutes (cook time will vary depending on your oven) for the main course.

For a side I made a pound of pre-snapped green beans that I let soak in cold water for a bit before dinner prep time. Super easy green bean prep: dump them in a bowl of cold water before taking the dog for a walk, come back and start the full meal prep. They were practically preparing themselves!

First, put the fish in the oven then dry and season the green beans. Today I used seasoned salt and garlic salt for the seasoning. While those were saut茅ing, I cut up just a small amount of onion to add to the pan for additional flavor. While all of this was going on, the fish was cooking and finished up right around the green beans being ready.


Kevin and I have fish probably 3 or 4 nights of the week and it’s no secret how good it is for you. He’s been asked at work if he’s starting to shed some pounds and immediately credited the “delicious fish dinners that Ashley makes,” the ultimate compliment. It’s one thing to make a good meal, but it’s another for it to be healthy and lead to the betterment of loved ones.

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