Costco Fresh Seafood Meal Prep

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I just wish I would have known about Costco’s excellent seafood department sooner – it has some of the freshest, most delicious salmon I’ve ever had [inland].

Catfish, salmon, tilapia, cod, and so much more, all in bulk at unbeatable pricing. Of course, being a wholesaler, Costco comes with a membership fee so it’s not as simple as walking in and making a purchase, but I do highly recommend the most basic membership to just about any household with at least two adults for this and many other reasons.




As of right now I am wrapping the portions in generously sized tinfoil, however, at my dad’s recommendation, I might look into vacuum seal storage options to keep them fresher for longer.

We keep a regular supply of salmon and tilapia in the freezer, the salmon being our absolute favorite. I’ve only remembered seeing it labeled as fresh Atlantic salmon in the past, but this most recent trip I noticed it labeled as fresh farmed Atlantic salmon; just something to note if you have a strong preference.

Portions and Cost per Serving – Tilapia

Each pallet of tilapia usually breaks down in to about 5 meals, at 2-3 fillets per meal (larger fillets in groups of two, smaller ones in threes).

  • One full pallet of tilapia costs approximately $18.00
  • Divided into about 5 meals for two
  • Bringing the cost per meal for two to about $3.60 (or $1.80 per person!)

Portions and Cost per Serving – Salmon

Each salmon flank ends up creating 8 ~5oz salmon fillets, or four meals for Kevin and I together.

  • One full salmon flank costs approximately $21.00
  • Divided into 8 fillets
  • Bringing the cost per serving to about $2.60 (compared to Mariano’s $4.99 for comparable-sized fillets)

fullsizerender-18An example of a total meal cost broken down below is one of our favorites, my teriyaki salmon with a Knorr rice side:

  • The two salmon fillets ($2.60 x 2)
  • One Knorr rice side ($1)
  • Whole dinner costs about $6.80 (including estimated tax)

$6.80 total cost for a two-adult dinner! An absolute bargain.

Happy Savings!

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