Decorating with Repurpose

Today, I’m sharing my counter corner in my kitchen. I have big plans for the kitchen as a whole, but so far I’ve fashioned a little cheer in my counter’s corner space. This is a space where I normally house a cookie jar, my straws, napkins, the recipe stand and a few other kitchen essentials and decorations.

It’s important to note that decorating doesn’t always mean adding, it can also mean adjusting.

While it’s a nice sized space, that doesn’t mean I want to add a bunch of stuff to an already perfectly occupied space, so let’s just make some seasonal adjustments.

Cookie jar? How about an ornament jar instead this month? Anything glass sets off the ‘I could add ornaments to this’ alert in my brain, so I went for it. They’re one of my favorite things to decorate with during the holidays. Ornaments come in all shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and sparkles, and fit in virtually anywhere, including your cookie jar:


Similarly, if you wanted to add a little more to you decor, you could add a more festive cookie jar in addition to your ornament display jar. On our last Target trip, my boyfriend happened across one that he thought fit our home nicely in the Target Spot bins (those bins in the front of the store that you never need things from, but always end up with in your cart anyways) for the Christmas season, so we swapped them out, and I decorated with the existing one. (I just love when he gets even a little bit into the decorating spirit with me)


Of course, you could have just decorated with the one you had, and don’t need to let your roomie talk you in to an impulse purchase, but there we are.

For the small bit of wall space I have between my cabinets and counters I wanted to add a little sparkle. I remembered reading somewhere how people use their more decorative 3-wick candle lids as a wall decoration. I now understand why – they’re the perfect size!


Next conundrum: I always have straws out. They’re a staple in my house between my year-round iced coffee obsession and having guests over, so I didn’t want to put those away either. Simple solution: I just changed out the colors. I am a huge fan of the 100 packs of the big straws from Ikea that are usually about $4 or so, and the packs last forever. I seriously don’t think I’ve bought a new pack in maybe 2 years. Store them in a cute little mason jar and you are set for the entire year (clear/glass matches everything, it’s basically always safe bet).


Put all of the above together, and what have you got? A cozy, festive little corner nook.


Show off your kitchen’s holiday decor on the blog or on Twitter @foodwinediy today!

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