The Sauce [Packet] is Boss

sauce-packets-1Got sauce packets?

Time to clean out that overflowing drawer and use them in your next dish.

My massive collection of takeout packets spans from the mild sweet & sours all the way up to Taco Bell Diablo sauce, and they can really be the unsung hero of a new meal concept when you least expect it.

Today’s dish consisted of a variation of my teriyaki salmon (a household favorite) and rice noodles, which was a first for me at home, and the root of my need to get creative. A big thank you to the many extra containers of rice noodles from the catering at work that no one had even broken in to for my easy meal tonight. #resourceful #notwasteful


Much to my surprise it only took one soy sauce packet to cover both of the salmon filets I made. Soy sauce, particularly the full flavor variety, packs a big punch so it really wasn’t a huge surprise that I didn’t need a lot. Hear that? …

You need literally just one soy sauce packet to make two servings of salmon.


If you think the one packet will ‘never get used’ you may want to think again and stash it with your other spices.

While my salmon was cooking in the oven I prepared the noodles on the stove top a la sweet & sour sauce packets. My about approx. 1.5 cups of noodles used all 5 sweet & sour packets that I had at home. While it made for a good flavor when stirring it in to the noodles during frying, I would still suggest adding a bit of salt or seasoned salt (my personal fave) because I definitely thought it could have used a little extra kick.


My finished meal came with a few other spices – crushed red pepper, southwest chipotle, and seasoned salt on the salmon, plus the seasoned salt I mentioned before on the noodles. I don’t think the salmon necessarily needed extra, but I like to experiment with the different variations most of the time I make a simpler meal.


Other sauce packets I recommend stashing with your spices include:

  • Taco Bell sauces – great for taco nights, quesadillas, breakfast skillets (try it!)
  • Papa John’s Garlic Butter – also excellent on homemade or frozen pizzas
  • Yellow or Honey Mustard – if you don’t normally keep one or both in-house
  • McDonald’s Hot/Mild Picante – excellent for milder breakfast bakes, skillets

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