Healthy(er) in a Hurry: Rice Sides from Knorr


Sometimes there just isn’t time for fresh veggies but that doesn’t mean you can’t still keep dinner ‘better for you.’ Don’t run to the frozen pizza just yet, read on.

My latest find are these delicious Rice Sides packets made by Knorr. There were about a 10 different flavors at the grocery store when I bought my last haul so there is no shortage of variety, even for a pickier eater like myself.

The Facts

How many will this feed?
Each packet is easily two meals, so feeds two or leaves you with a tasty leftover meal for later. You definitely do not need the entire packet in one sitting if you are eating it with  hearty serving of protein.

What’s the damage?
At the low-end of the packets I have pictured it is 675 calories for the full packet (Herb & Butter) prepared, and on the high-end it is 800 calories for the full packet (for the White Cheddar Queso) prepared. Divide that in half though and you have a modest yet filling 600-700 calorie dinner (depending on what protein you add).

Serving Suggestions
The Teriyaki Rice packet pairs well with salmon, especially if marinated in my teriyaki glaze beforehand. I like serving this in one of my giant Crate & Barrel bowls and curling up on the couch for a cozy, informal meal over some DVR’ed shows.


Teriyaki Rice served with fresh, baked teriyaki- glazed salmon

The White Cheddar and Queso packet pairs well with medium/small, de-tailed shrimps heated up on the stove top, no additional seasoning necessary. Since this packet is the highest in calories as-is, just adding the plain shrimp will keep the calorie count lower. The flavor isn’t a compromise either, these mixes are rich in flavor and don’t need the meat to be seasoned if you plan to mix it in anyways.

When I bought them from my nearest grocery store they were on sale for 10 for $10. Simple math will tell me that my next ten meals [for two] will all cost me less than my usual morning coffee! Excuse me now while I now go and rethink my pre-caffeine life choices.

Let me know your favorite combos, I can’t wait to try some more!

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