I’ll Have the Quesadilla, #yum

Simple, but sometimes still forgotten – the quesadilla.

With just 5 ingredients, most of which you will already have home, you can hardly go wrong.

  • Two flour tortillas
  • 1/2 – 3/4 cups shredded cheese, I love a Mexican blend of cheeses for mine
  • Your filling(s) of choice, boneless/skinless chicken breast for me
  • Mrs. Dash’s Southwest Chipotle seasoning
  • Sour cream for the side

Spray a medium frying pan with some non-stick cooking spray, set heat to medium, and add tortilla. As soon as you add the tortilla you should add the cheese so it can begin melting ASAP, so when you go to flip it over the cheese will act as an adhesive for the top tortilla and basically hold the whole shebang together.

Before adding the second tortilla to the top you will want to add your fillings. For example, I like to add boneless/skinless chicken breast, fried and diced in to mine for a chicken quesadilla. Any meat should be cooked in a separate pan and usually ahead of time so it is ready to be added as the quesadilla is heating up.

Whether you’re a meat-eater or not, my favorite part of the dish is the Mrs. Dash’s Southwest Chipotle seasoning. It is sodium and calorie-free and is absolutely delicious! Try sprinkling a little on to the inside of the quesadilla so it cooks in to the cheese.

Once the cheese has been sufficiently melted, flip the quesadilla over to crisp the top tortilla. Remove from heat once desired crispness is achieved, and allow to cool before cutting. Top with a little bit of light sour cream and enjoy a delicious homemade dish for under 500 calories!

Pro Tip: This can also be dipped in to those Taco Bell sauce packets you have leftover…because we all know that’s a thing.


Add some Mrs. Dash to the sour cream for a new twist on your fave side.


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